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    Alienware computers are awesome full stop, but Alienware laptops, now thats engenius!, yay, i am so getting one of these, when i get a job, save money, and make sure i dont spend it on crap like i normally do, but hey cant wait to get one, it may be a few years from now, but i will get 1!
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    Yeah, they are amazing.

    If writing ever pays off for me, i'll be treating myself to one of those. But by then, there'll probably be something even better on the market.
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    they are great laptops, But I could imagine they get a little hot when you use them
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    I agree there great.

    Great machines but a little over priced for the money i'd rather go and get a dell. i currently have a dell dimension 8400 and it works fine for me, but later today i might install Vista RC1 on it.
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    alienware is pretty xpensive
    i don't really play computer games
    so i woudnt need one
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    Those are slick but too expensive, it's not what's outside that counts but whats inside
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