Thread: Xbox Live-Halo2, G.R.A.W.;and splinter cell 3 anyone?

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  1. #1 Xbox Live-Halo2, G.R.A.W.;and splinter cell 3 anyone? 
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    Share your Xbox live gamertags here. Mine is YummyJBIRD and i play Halo 2, G.R.A.W. and splinter cell 3.
    PSP FW: 3.03 OE-C FTW!

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    XBOX 360- GoW, GHII
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    i play hbalo2 whitesniper0930..hit me for a good game of whatever your choice is..level 22
    I dedicate this to drizzle for getting me all the marios on my psp and helping me all the way so Thank You
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