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    this is ridiculous i have never seen a ping this high any advise tzone has helped a lot

    css settings

    everything in the lwest setting lowest reso

    comp specs

    intel p4 3.0 ghz

    2gb ddr 400mhz ram

    ati all in wonder 128mb 9600

    160gb hard drive

    cable dsl from adelphia

    idk wtf is wrong

    my current setup

    i got 3 comps on wifi 802.11g

    my comp is connectted to mny wireless router linksys wrt54gs

    that thing gets internet from my modem its a cable dsl brand: webstar

    idk wtf is wrong just today im chillen at my house online and all of a sudden 3 out of the 5 leds on my modem burnout idk why

    so idk whats the problem my cable dsl or my modem
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    well it is probably lagging cause it's on a wireless.

    btw source looks like frzen dog shit on low settings.

    but yea, i have friends who wireless connections for gaming, and they got a lot of LAG.

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    but im on my tower direct connection not wireless my other comps are on wireless my dads mac my sisters mac and my laptop but my tower is connected directly
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    Is it slow with all games?
    Do you ever experience lag with browsing?
    Do the wireless computers lag in games? (If not maybe its just your cat5 cable)

    You can always call your dsl provider and ask them to do a line check or send a technician out. If you tell them your connection is not performing up to your expectations and not as fast as it is supposed to be running, they should diagnose and solve the problem for you.
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