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    Me pspmodandcfw were originally making a video site called because we hated youtube and how they muted videos including most of my video. I bought the domain and he bougth the 80 dollar software and the host. Then after May 1st he stopped logging into his MSN.

    This all started on May 1st, 2009.

    I posted this as soon as it happened on under the off-topic section. Call of Quake - Modern Combat - PSP • View topic - CARP FRAMED ME!!!

    Okay guys it looks like my account on PSPMod was banned today well here's the real story, it started tuesday night after I got home from work. I went to and I was chatting in the chatbox then Carp starting acting silly and editing what I had said to things that are gross and disturbing so then he banned me from the chatbox then I PM him and tell him to unban me because I hadn't done anything, so he did. Then he said he looked up pspmodancfw's IP address and said that we had the same IP address and that was bannable he posted pspmodandcfw's IP address into the chatbox and I said that my IP provider wasn't Comcast, it was Verizon, (after all of this mess me and pspmodandcfw compared our IP addresses and they were completely different), then the chatbox goes blank so I refreshed the page and I was logged out. So naturally I tried logging in again, and it kept saying wrong password, so I tried to retrieve my password by entering my email address but it kept saying that no account has my email address. Then I go to the pspmod homepage and I was scrolling down and I see that this post was made - I was like what the heck! I didn't post that, I couldn't even log in to my account. I don't even type like that. And today I noticed that my account was banned today. This is all because of Carp. I didn't do anything wrong, I did not post that.
    As you can see at first I thought it was Carp who posted that topic under my name.

    Then I witnessed this happening in the chatroom on May 2nd.

    07:38 PM <carp> his ban is almost up
    07:38 PM <carp> KOBEdidit is ganna return soon
    07:37 PM <carp> and he has 4 days left
    07:37 PM <carp> numbers did
    07:37 PM <carp> let me check
    07:37 PM <carp> idk not me
    07:36 PM <Hack3r> who banned him
    07:36 PM <Hack3r> becuase he couldnt log on
    07:36 PM <carp> i really dont care cuz i didnt ban him
    07:36 PM <Hack3r> it wasnt him
    07:36 PM <Hack3r> in that thread
    07:36 PM <Hack3r> he didnt say that
    07:36 PM <Hack3r> hey cna u unban knight please
    07:36 PM <Hack3r> oh
    07:42 PM <Hack3r> good times
    07:42 PM <Hack3r> lol
    07:42 PM <Hack3r> corn in the vag pic
    07:41 PM <Hack3r> yh
    07:41 PM <Hack3r> oh
    07:41 PM <carp> and i shouldve banned her because she posted it on the forum
    07:41 PM <carp> maybe more
    07:41 PM <carp> so i think he got 6 months
    07:41 PM <carp> no he sent this picture of a guy fucking a girl and drinking creamed corn to muffinly bliss and she bitched about it
    07:40 PM <Hack3r> wo got molested
    07:40 PM <Hack3r> about the bully
    07:40 PM <Hack3r> was it cus of the picture in his sig
    07:40 PM <Hack3r> why did kob get banned
    07:47 PM <carp> all in the same day went bye bye
    07:47 PM <carp> snowman, knightsofwar, pspmodandcfw
    07:47 PM <carp> but now im ganna start banning more often cuz theres to many douches around here now
    07:46 PM <carp> and then they get banned
    07:46 PM <carp> people who arent douche bags usually get warnings
    07:46 PM <carp> well see. douche bags get banned.
    07:46 PM <Hack3r> ah good times
    07:46 PM <Hack3r> wow
    07:46 PM <DEFEN321> lmao Hack3r
    07:46 PM <Hack3r> remember that picture i kept on posting
    07:45 PM <DEFEN321> hows it going?
    07:45 PM <Hack3r> im still lucky i havent been banned by yo
    07:45 PM <Hack3r> wow
    07:45 PM <carp> hey bud
    07:45 PM <DEFEN321> Hey guys
    07:48 PM <carp> lol it said in the reason field "take a week off and then come back, k?"
    07:48 PM <DEFEN321> lmao wat did he do?
    07:47 PM <DEFEN321> hmm i remember him
    07:47 PM <carp> ya hes banned for another 4 days
    07:47 PM <Hack3r> and im not a douche
    07:47 PM <DEFEN321> knightsofwar?
    07:47 PM <Hack3r> yup
    07:47 PM <DEFEN321> lol
    I then posted this on Call of Quake - Modern Combat - PSP &bull; View topic - CARP FRAMED ME!!!

    even when my ban is up I still can't log into my account or get my password because my email was changed. Usually when your banned you log in and it says you have been banned for this many days for this reason, I have been once for talking crap about hte pspmod shop but someone changed my email and password even when my ban lifts i still won't be able to log into my account.
    07:52 PM <Hack3r> everyone is starting to desert you
    07:51 PM <Hack3r> ive noticed carp
    07:51 PM <Hack3r> you better be back
    07:51 PM <DEFEN321> brb
    07:51 PM <Hack3r> there wasnt a guy called blaze431
    07:51 PM <Hack3r> i was bs
    07:51 PM <carp> i didnt ban him, im not lifting the ban
    07:51 PM <DEFEN321> lol
    07:51 PM <carp> idk who taht even is
    07:50 PM <Hack3r> blaze431
    07:50 PM <Hack3r> unban the account
    07:50 PM <Hack3r> carp
    07:50 PM <Hack3r> and i will fucking rule the world
    07:50 PM <Hack3r> it will be a gratefull day
    07:50 PM <Hack3r> unbanned
    Then hack3r posted this

    he wasnt the actual one who banned you it was numb3rs
    Then Carp replied

    u hit the nail on the head buddy.

    lets start off from the beginning where u were banned from the chatroom.

    we're all chatting, dicking around saying what the fuck ever.
    then you keep saying shit and pspmodandcfw says he wants to be banned.
    he then tells you to get on MSN.
    i assume u both start talking over MSN, idk u were gone for like 5 minutes.
    then you come back saying stupid shit about me and wanting to be banned.
    then start saying i edited your posts, i didnt fuckn edit your posts.
    pspmodandcfw comes back and keeps saying the same shit.
    so i ban both of you from the chatroom.
    u PM me and tell me it wasnt u saying that shit or something, never the less i debanned you from the chat.

    u get back and keep saying fuck carp and stupid shit.
    then i click New Posts and see this thread here ... shole.html.
    now i saw that thread after u were debanned from the chat, so i figured shit was settled and thought nothing of it and closed it.

    then pspmodandcfw comes back in the chat and says stupid shit saying he wants to be banned, so i IP searched him and saw that u and him are sharing IP's.

    then in the Show off you signature thread someone brought up your thread and Numbers banned you.
    after a week goes by u come back and start saying "fuck carp, fuck pspmod" and "carps a fucking asshole" and some stupid other shit with "CARP IS A FUCKING ASSHOLE" in big bold red font in your signature space.

    so i said ok, fuck you to, perma ban.
    then ur buddy Major_Holland makes a thread advertising this site, i remove the link and close it because PSPMod doesnt allow advertising.
    then the dumb fuck makes another thread doing the same thing and making false accusations that i changed your Email and Password to sign into pspmod.
    how the fuck could i do that?
    wanna see the Mod Panel?
    it doesnt even have that option.

    so the thread is going on while im at school and i get home and its already closed.
    doesnt phase me, i can post in closed threads so i posted.
    then i sent Major_Holland telling him to get Knightsofwar210 to make an account so i can talk to him directly to get this stupid shit straight.
    heres my exact PM.

    "Subject: Get me my number 1 lover.
    Body: tell knightsofwar210 to make an account, and pm me and do nothing else with it.
    ur guys shit is totally ridiculous saying i did shit that i did not.
    ur a dumb fuck, do real fuckn research.
    dont try to get me in trouble and claim i did things that i did not.
    and just for shits and giggles i'll rename your thread that u so dearly cling to."

    so if u still want to make fuckn love with me on pspmod contact me there.
    or else your permaban will stay where it is and u can keep licking taints over here.
    That's when we found out that pspmodandcfw was the one that hacked my account, me and carp talked together in the chatroom on Redirecting to frontpage and he gave me his IP address and he said that my account has been logged in from pspmodandcfw's IP address, so we concluded that pspmodandcfw hacked my pspmod account. Then I made an account to PM the Admin under Carp's approval called Knightsofwar210NeedsHelp but sometime after pspmodandcfw hacked that account too, I made an account called pspnewb4567, so I pmed my other account knightsofwar210needshelp with some lame PM asking for some help with something that I posted originally with my knightsofwar210needshelp account and he sent me this -

    Then one day I was logged in as pspnewb4567 and pspmodandcfw came on as a different name and he told me the password to my account on the pspmod chatbox, I immediately changed the email address and password. Then he IMed me this -

    He also hacked my gmail account and my youtube account and deleted all of my youtube videos, I post about that here on May 2nd - Call of Quake - Modern Combat - PSP &bull; View topic - ALL OF MY YOUTUBEVIDEOS ARE GONE!!!

    I went to see my videos on youtube and they're all gone!!!

    What the heck happened?!
    NOTE - I deleted my YouTube Account today and I am making a new one.

    He admits that he was after Carp here -

    At one time he said his plan was to get rid of Carp.

    He kept (and still does) making fake accounts and spamming, he came onto chat a couple of days ago and this happened -

    and this -

    and this -

    and this -

    and this -

    And while this was all happening he kept trying to hack my gmail account by requesting password reset emails, he eventually did so I am currently moving to a different email address.

    So as you can see, pspmodandcfw is to blame for everything that is happening I do not know how he hacked my accounts. This is the story and this is what happened.

    PS I have contacted pspmodandcfw's ISP Comcast, Here is the response I got -

    Dear Michael,

    Thank you for your message concerning the Comcast High-Speed Internet
    service. My name is Kurtis. I would be happy to help you.

    I understand you would like to report email abuse activity. To ensure
    your issue is handled correctly, please send a detailed email message to
    our Abuse Department at . The Abuse Department will
    research this issue for you and take the necessary steps to ensure your
    safety. Please do not just forward the email without the details and
    only send one email per issue. Include a copy of the email itself and
    the header information in the body of the email.

    Before reporting an Abuse issue, be sure there is an issue to report. An
    example would be consistently receiving email that is not intended for
    you. This situation can be caused when someone distributes his or her
    email address incorrectly (like giving out an incorrect phone number).
    Other examples would include receiving email of a fraudulent nature or
    being blocked from sending email to a specific domain.

    Below are the instructions on how to retrieve header information.

    * Comcast Message Center at | TV Entertainment | News | Finance | Videos | Music | Sports open the message, click
    the View Source icon located next to the Add to Address Book icon next
    to the From address.

    * Outlook Express and Windows Mail: open the message, click File,
    select Properties, and then click the Details tab.

    * Outlook: double-click on the message to open it into a separate
    window and click on View/Options.

    * Netscape Messenger: open the message, then go to View, Headers, and
    click All. The headers are at the top.

    * Eudora: double-click the message, and then click the button that
    says "Blah Blah."

    To assure the proper tracking of this issue, we have created the
    following customer service ticket: 16266208

    Please refer to this number should you contact us regarding this same

    Thank you for choosing Comcast.


    Comcast Customer Care Specialist

    The response contained in this message is intended for the addressee
    only and may vary from other responses depending on geography,
    promotional campaigns or other factors. If you are not the intended
    recipient of this response, please delete this message. Any unauthorized
    use or dissemination of the information contained in this message is

    Original Message Follows:

    The following information was submitted from the Comcast Web site:
    Name: Michael LAST NAME
    Problem: Troubleshooting/Other
    Address: MY ADDRESS
    State: VA
    Zip: MY ZIP CODE
    Home Phone: MY PHONE NUMBER
    Re: Web Form Submission: Troubleshooting/Other
    Browser: Default
    OS: Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; U; Windows NT 5.1; en-US; rv:
    Gecko/2009042316 Firefox/3.0.10 (.NET CLR 3.5.30729)
    I want to report a hacker, this guy has hacked multiple forum accounts
    online, and as acquired passwords to my email accounts despite me
    changing the passwords. This guy is a hacker, and a moderator on the
    forum on the site gave me his ip address - PSPMODANDCFW'S IP ADDRESS - I have
    evidence in the form of screenshots, please this guy has compromised all
    of my sensitive and personal information.
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    Wow, I actually beleive knights now. Kinda feel sorry for ya....

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    I dont. Too much drama. So you are saying that this guy is a super hacker, hacked all your passwords on multiple sites, spoofed your IP address, and started posting shit just so you would get banned from a psp modding forum????? If he is as good as you say, why waste your days posting on this forum just to mess with you? If I could hack that many sites and that many passwords I would be doing a little more with my time. Have you been kicked from any other sites? Or, are your passwords so obvious that they were all the same?
    Either way, this is between you and him. I say, sort out your own crap and then, when you know for sure he isnt going to bother you anymore, come back. Your beef with him is cauaing crap to the mods, and the people that visit here daily, that have to see your childish beef on our screens.

    Hey, I may be way off base, and i can admit that. But super hacker should find some new things to do with his talent.
    "Pandora Battery, MMS, A jedi needs not these things"

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    awesome story!
    *~Currently playing: Socom Confrontation~*

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    Quick, someone call the who gives a damn police. We have an emergency!

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    What a waste of time and energy.


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    Hey ive got some bothered flags if anyone wants to buy em? Wave your bothered flags high and proud, 3 for a parrrnd, get em while you can, 3 for a parrrrnd

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    -.- I just posted the truth so people would stop asking me what happened.

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    Oh now you have a link in your signature that provides free stuff? Yeah No one click that.
    I hold the Ban Guitar.
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