Thread: i need 6 Refferals. ill return favor.

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  1. #1 i need 6 Refferals. ill return favor. 
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    Hey everyone. so on msnbc and cnn they had talked about a site that gave away free ipods to free tv's and so on. and to do so u either need to get the amount of points the product is and or the amount of refferals it is. i got the 16gb ipod touch and its 6 refferals. so i was really hoping that at least 6 great people from this site would help me out. and ill help you out to. if you dont want to sign up can you just spread my refferal link to other sites and people you may know. thanks. ill do anything for you guys to help me.. heres my refferal link. all u have to do is sign up. and ur done. its totally free. you would know if u saw it on the news.

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