Thread: Any MMA fans? Kimbo Slice, all hype or is he for real?

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  1. #1 Any MMA fans? Kimbo Slice, all hype or is he for real? 
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    I love MMA, and was young when I saw the first UFC. I remember mom freaking out at my uncles for letting me watch it. So when MMA started to really take off I was a little more then happy. I think things are coming to a really great point in time for MMA.

    I was talking with a friend about some of the names on the up and coming list and Kimbo comes up. Personally I think this guys is a joke, but I was afraid I was going to need to MMA skills if this conversation continues. Seems this guy is all about some Kimbo. I'll give him street fighter, I saw those clips, but even then when someone grabbed him everyone freaked and called them a cheater. Its a street fight, I thought beating people with kittens was allowed if you could catch one. But when Kimbo steps in the ring with rules and a real trained fighter, I think it is all over. So far he has beat a few men, but none that I would call big names or hard fights. Give him time and he might become something.

    My friend made the argument that Lesnar (current UFC heavy weight champ) wasn't much better, and that is true to a degree, but Lesnar looked a hell of a lot better in his last fight then any fight before hand. Knee bars have that effect on a man. (Still think Mir has him in UFC 100 though).

    So what do you think? Is Kimbo the real deal or a fad? Why wouldn't someone like Pride of UFC want him if he was the real deal?
    I could be wrong, maybe its a terrible tragedy.
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    I follow the UFC somewhat and the Ultimate Fighter, ufc 98 was amazing, Machida kicked evan's ass, I haven't seen Kimbo fight, I just started following it a month or two ago, the Pride may not want a show bout or he just doesn't fit their style.
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    kimbo cant fight.
    he got taken out by a white man.
    I'm a fag.
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    I am a huge MMA fan. I've watched every UFC even (starting with #1). I also follow the other MMA organizations.
    My assessment of Kimbo... the guy's got some talent, no doubt. If he can get past his ego and listen to what others are trying to teach him and if he can get past his ego enough to get some real training and endurance then he might have a bright future.
    However, it's his ego more than anything that is keeping (and will continue to keep) him from being a top-level fighter. He was training with Bas Rutten and making good progress from what Bas was saying, but then his ego took over and Bas basically said that he became untrainable.
    Only an idiot wouldn't soak up everything Bas has to teach like a sponge.

    Hopefully, he will come onto the TUF10 with a bit of humbleness and learn something. He has potential, but right now he is still a joke when stepping into the right with the top caliber UFC guys. They are a whole cut above the other organizations (with a few exceptions).
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    I can agree with most of that PigVenus. If nothing else his power makes him someone to watch for if he gets his act right. I just feel like he thinks he can punch his way to a win whenever he wants. That wont cut it when the big dogs come out. You at least need to be able to stop a good take down to make that punch for the win idea work and I don't see that in him right now.

    I bashed a little on Lesnar, but I watched all his fights again and the improvement is wild. His has a great wrestling back ground and is working on other things. He has knock out power for sure. His biggest issue I think it he hits so hard people turn away on reflex, and he hits in the back of the head like that and gets into a spot with the judges. It has happened a few times already. That's a nice problem to have by my thought process.

    Are there rumors of Kimbo in TUF 10? That would be interesting to see.

    I have always thought of UFC as the place all the great talent goes when they prove themselves other places. Might not be true, but the talent there is deep.
    I could be wrong, maybe its a terrible tragedy.
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