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    hi, i just got an xbox 360 for my birthday
    all is just dandy about it, but i cant figure out how to connect it to my computer
    im sure alot of the people on this site have a 360 so someone can help me

    I have a windows xp professional edition computer
    It has service pack 2 (w/e that is)
    i downloaded and installed windows media connect

    i have a wireless network at my house (wifi)
    Im using lynksis wireless game adapter to get the wifi signal onto my 360\
    I can connect to Xbox Live easily, but when i try to connect to my computer it doesnt work

    when i test my media connection it skips over the part that says wireless network (it just leaves it grey and doesnt even check it)

    can anyone help

    ...also, how can i get my music from my psp/ipod (any one of the three) onto my hard drive...i know you can play music from them but how do you copy it

    one more do you change your theme

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    I cant help but this thread should be moved to Tech Discussion

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