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    Hey guys! TGIF! So ready for the weekend. Ive been so tired this past week even though ive missed 2 days from school! haha(tuesday and wednesday).
    So heres this story: (Ive already told Drizzle and Tzone about my track meets)

    Well I do track and our finals were Monday 1st of May and Thursday (yesterday) the 4th of 06'. Monday were all final field events and the qualifications, or preliminairies, for all running events except relays. If you qualified for your running event on Monday, you advanced to the final round on Thursday. Everybody was automatically qualified, I guess, to run the relays on Thursday. On monday I did long jump and pole vault and ran to qualify for the 100M dash and the 200M dash. Well I came in first in pole vault clearing 10 feet. Came in first in long jump with a jump of 18 feet and 10 inches. I ualified for both the 100M dash and 200M dash. That night I felt sick so I didnt go to school on tuesday. I still didnt feel good on wednesday so I decided to just stay home and get completely healed. Well Thursday morning I wasnt completely healed but hey, it was the track finals for all running events so I couldn't miss them. I felt good about winning 2 gold medals already in the field events so I went to the finals with my chest high. I came out of the 100m dash coming in first with a time of 11.7.'s I came out of the 200m dash in first with a time of 24.7's.The relays that I ran with 3 other teammates of mine was the 4x1 and the 4x2. Our first leg (the first guy running with the baton in the realy) was sick that day so we had to get someone to fill his position. So we got someone and we we're ready. The outcome of our 4x1 relay team was 3rd. Sooo damn close to 2nd.Im the last leg and almost caught up to 2nd place but was BARELY behind him. The outcome of our 4x2 relay was 2nd. Our boys track team overall came in 2nd. let me tell you, I thought we were gonna be soo bad in the begining of the season looking at all of our track teammates because we had such a little team! But let me tell you, I was wrong. We did awesome IMO. We made the most of what we had.

    So in total I got 6 medals. 4 gold,1 silver, and 1 bronze. This is my last year at this school and its something I will remember of my 8th grade year at this school(private school). I set almost all of my PR(personal records) on those two days (Monday and Thursday).

    So just read this thread, dont read it at all, post your thoughts,opinions,questions, whatever you want to ; I just wanted to let yall know how I did and let yall know a little bit more about me
    If you guys want to ad some of your track records..please do But please let us know how old, or what grade you were in
    Thanks guys and have a GREAT weekend!


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    Very nice record man.

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    Hellz yeah! haha

    Great job jrmdb! That kicks ass. You should definitely stick with track and field in high school Keep it up and enjoy yourself
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