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    alright this might be thw wrong forum to post a sporting thread in, but whatever

    At the moment ive been doing alot of paintball, mostly dickin' around. we have plaied at a designated area for real orginized games. more importantly im looking into getting more guns have right now: angel 1 fly, BRASS.E. Raider, BRASS.E. Blade. Diablo Wrath

    i dont want to spend alot of money but i still want some good quality guns, is their any i could get offline or not, for under $200(not T-'98's, fuck that gun everyone has them)
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    I don't personally play uhh I forgot the name of the site, but they have good sells.

    Tippman a5's have gotten a lot of good reviews and they're pretty cheap, that is what my friend owns, he has a sniper kit and it has great range and hurts like a mother
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    Quote Originally Posted by GOBLINCOCK View Post
    alright this might be thw wrong forum to post a sporting thread in, but whatever
    It's the right section, lol.

    I've never been paintballing.
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    ur asking a bunch of techies about sports.
    are u fuckn retarded?

    fuckn nob goblin.
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    I'm a fag.
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    exactly lol... if it was a vid game im sure we would lol or if it involved throwing heavy things at an annoying cat maybe... but the bright sun no...
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