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    Smart Homes - Homes of The Future?

    I want you to meet Grace. Grace is not a real house. She is more formally known as the Microsoft Home. She exists in an office building on the company's campus in Redmond, Washington. But once you get inside this home, it's easy to think of and imagine that you are in a futuristic, and very trendy house.

    Imagine this: You enter your home to hear a beautiful female voice coming from hidden speakers that relays your messages. If you like to cook and you are in the kitchen most of the time, maybe you would enjoy the help of a professional chef or even be able to look up recipes without getting your hands dirty. Think of an engineered countertop that can recognize what your doing, then projects a list of recipes on the counter. Let's say you just put a bag of flour on the counter. Your home will recognize this (by actually seeing you do this) and a list of flour recipes automatically appear on the countertop. Just choose one, and your home will recite a list of ingredients. She even knows what is in the pantry, thanks to RFID technology (the same system that lets you go through a toll plaza without stopping).

    There's also a bulletin board in the kitchen made of this "intelligent fabric" that functions like a touch-screen computer. You can put up postcards or invitations and surf the web at the touch of a finger. The invitation could be RFID-encoded, so tacking it up opens an online RSVP window. It's part of Microsoft's Smart Personal Objects Technology or otherwise known as SPOT. This technology seeks to make everyday objects more efficient.

    The home also has a kid's tablet PC; talking walls; solar roof panels; moveable rooms; a mirror that matches clothing and recommends outfits based on the weather; a multimedia bulletin board; many seamless touch-screen displays that show calenders, messages and reminders; and again I would like to mention the countertop that offers recipes and cooking advice.

    These are just some of the things that Grace can do. The notion of this seamless computing, in which technology is everywhere yet nowhere except when you want it, is coming very soon to a home near you!

    Have you ever seen the movie "Total Recall"? There is a part in the beginning of the movie where Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sharon Stone are watching television on their picture window in the kitchen. Your looking out at the birds in your yard eating breakfast. Then you turn on the remote and then BAM!, now your watching the news or your favorite channel as you sip your coffee. I have always wanted one of these. I never thought it was real until now...

    The Andersen window company in Minnesota, are toying with the idea of windows made with smart glass that can be transformed into a TV. The TV will disappear into the view and the term picture window will be redifined. Home entertainment is just one consideration for the future.

    The Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta, are designing systems that will let older persons continue to live independently. Your elderly parents or grandparents can have their homes wired to recognize their patterns of wake, sleep and movement; and family members can be notified of any changes via computer.

    There are homes built now that are in sort of a test phase that have people living in them. These homes have self cleaning windows, automatic shirt ironers, a laundry chute and phones that double as intercoms between rooms. Also, more advanced features include smart rooms that will change to your body temperature, making sure your never too chilled. Imagine a garden awning that retracts/expands according to the weather. Blinds that automatically open and your kitchen brews coffee every morning. A home that can detect flooding and shut off water valves to prevent excessive damage, even calls the plumber for you by leaving a text message to get help. Control your house lights via SMS to make potential burglars hesitate. And like cars, houses will come with tools to monitor and adjust everything from furnace efficiency to ventilation.

    Well, this sounds kind of creepy to me. Knowing that my house is always watching me, keeping track of my every movement within the home. Keeping track of all my habits, including my bathroom habits is on the verge of sacrificing my privacy and autonomy right? I mean, let's just say that I am a busy guy who works at home. I decide to take the day off and just read or sleep all day, my house would recognize that.

    Will our homes of the future still feel and look like home? I don't know, but isn't it going to be cool?

    So, What are you're thoughts?

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    (eye twitches) Microsoft home???(cringe).

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    sounds nice...but I know what wont...PRICE
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    id fucking hat bsod on that thing
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    Thast awesome but like AskAboutMe said its going to be way to expensive,,,the zeros behind the nine will never end 9,000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 00000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 00000000000000000000000000000000000and keep goin.and goin,and goin
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