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Thread: is psp go coming hard at ipod touch ?

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  1. #1 is psp go coming hard at ipod touch ? 
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    Jul 2009
    With the massive development in the psp scene and Sony launching the new PSP Go! makes me feel that the psp is coming hard at the ipod touch. with a 16gb internal memory of the psp go, bluetooth and all other features make it irresistible (at least for me). but the dual analog is a disappointment . the ipod too is great in matters of weight, size, wifi speed and touchscreen but the awesome gaming potential of the psp makes it the KING!!!.
    i think that to survive in such a competition that is going to prevail in the coming times apple needs to launch new products and take a step ahead.

    No offence but that is what i think, i may be right or even wrong. the question is, what does everyone think?, what do you think?

    i know that there is no comparison between a gaming gadget and a music gadget. but still which one would you choose.

    basically i am asking this question because i was thinking to buy a touch so i thought to take the advice of the experts here. so please take the poll
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    No, because the PSP is still predominantly a gaming device, and the ipod a music device. We've been through this many times before.

    Also, the touch is an awful design, high price and generally rubbish in my opinion, so i don't see it lasting.

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    well i totally agree with u in terms of the price. but i like the kinda sleek design

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    No i don't see psp go competing with ipod in terms of music quality...

    And to me the GO is just turning into the oppisite of a cellphone...
    Instead of decent service and dotmatrix game's we get great game's and crappy skype

    No to mention a ugly one at that

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