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    Listed below is everything you need to know to be safe from flaming and penalisation.
    Follow the links below to answer any and ALL questions you may have.
    If your questions are still left un-answerd we will be happy to assist you.
    If you do not read my Nooblette guides listed below, and ask a dumb question, you will be analy raped by horny elephants. If you are into that sort of thing, we will casterate you for your stupidity. Thank you for your time today and for joining Have a pleasent eavening.

    DarthWalker's guide to Noob Guide to Survival (click)

    DarthWalker's guide to the Internet
    Internet Noob guide to Survival (click)

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    Why is everyone trying to make noob survival guides? These kinda threads have already been made by MIT, MODS, and some Elite Hackers...blackout, jrmdb3, tzone, matrixsucks, drizzle, jsh, mofo, julie etc...
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    For the record, I never made a guide just commented on one.

    I feel that there are plenty of guides out there already and if people can't figure it out on their own, Darwinism takes over.

    Besides, without new members making mistakes I would have very little to do.
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    I agree completely.....sorry darthwalker but I'm locking this

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