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    I wont deny it anymore....Im a nerd! As proof i just bought my first MMO, Guild wars Factions. Im a level 3 so far (n00b!) and im havin lots o fun. If there are any other people who play on this site, my name on there is El Stinkypitz. If you dont have it, GET IT.

    ^drizzle = jesus of photoshop
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    lol U NUBBYCAKE =P ...... jp nah i dun play it but i will soon lol i still have to watch my money for japan

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    Guild Wars factions
    Kakashi Murimoto [Assassin/Necromancer]
    Ero Senin The Great [Assassin/Ranger]

    Guild Wars Prophecies
    Senninkai Tachikoma [Warrior/Monk]

    I love guild wars but the only gripe that i have is the fact that yopu cannot paas LVL 20 so sooner or later im going to pick up World Of Warcraft.

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    NFS Carbon Own the city:SENNINKAI
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    Ghost In the Shell Stand Alone Ciomplex
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