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I love to do genealogical research. One of the best sites for finding your family history is It is kinda expensive, but well worth the information you can amass via their One World Tree database. It was through Ancestry that I used the "find famous relatives" of my son, who is also connected to the bloodline below... but I won't hold it against him... lol

Hillary Rodham Clinton, and Barbara Pierce Bush (Dubya's Mom), are both 8th Great Granddaughters of Robert Lovering, born 06 Sept 1620 in Boston, Massachusetts.

Robert Lovering is the 4th Great Grandson of Margaret De Clare, who was born 1281 in Thomond, Connaught, Clare, Ireland. Margaret De Clare is also the 8th Great Grandmother of Queen Elizabeth II.

Margaret De Clare is a direct originator of a bloodline that includes Hillary Rodham Clinton, George W. Bush, and Queen Elizabeth II.