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    Hey, this will sound a little strange but it's been eatin since last night.
    When I was very young I saw a 3d animated series (or movie, I dont remember) that I want to look into know. The problem is, I can just remember some scenes(maybe I've just dreamed everything, but anyway...)
    What I remember is this:
    Theres some weird lookin characters sittin by a table. Then one of them hear a horrific sound and gets freaked out. The others asks whats the matter.
    He says that when he was little and woke up one night, he saw somethin hangin over his sister. When he turned on the lights, his sister was gone. (sounds pretty scary )

    Then the next thing I remember is:
    A big black monster with tentacles is breakin through a wall. It's floating in midair.
    Then the next thing I remember is that the people somehow finds out about its weakness: light.
    Then they turnon a big flashlight and the monster gets weak, but then the batterielvl goes down, but manage to kill the monster or somehtin. Thats all I can remember. Maybe it was a dream or maybe it was real.
    Please help me. This is a BIG dilemma
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    You just described about half of the Anime I've seen in my entire life.
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    It's called "When Anime Goes Wrong".
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