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  1. #1 The Boondock Saints VS. Outlaw VS. ????? 
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    Which is better boondock saints or outlaw? or do you feel there is a similar movie to the saints and its better?

    I figured I would start a new post and try to "Refrain" from exclamation points so i threw in some question marks instead............-.-
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    Boondocks Saints FTW, two irish guy blastin the shit out of the organized crime world, with their italian sidekick/friend, major win

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    Boondocks Saints=overrated. never seen outlaw.
    Well the way I see it, I'm the judge and my bullets are the jury.
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    Boondock Saints is fucking stupid as hell. The whole movie was one big action movie cliche, pathetically predictable and over hyped like The Dark Knight.

    Boring...and I cannot believe they are making some half wit sequel to that crappy movie.
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    Quote Originally Posted by -GunslingerGirl- View Post
    Boondocks Saints=overrated.
    Go back to Russia, communist...

    Quote Originally Posted by roboman342 View Post
    Boondock Saints is fucking stupid as hell.
    You can go with him...


    I watched Boondock Saints back in '99 and I've been watching it once every 6 months or so ever since, heh. I never heard *ANY* hype for this movie. I'd pass by the movie every time I went to Blockbuster and every time I looked at the cover art, I told myself that it looked like a decent movie. After a couple months of doing that, I finally rented it and it's been in my top 5 ever since.
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    Boondock Saints.
    i have both the rosaries.
    the Il Duce and the Brothers.
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    Seriously over hyped? how can it be over hyped it went straight to dvd never even came out in theaters, and if you ever watch it with an open mind you might understand why its so "Cliche" they tell you in the movie idiot........

    Besides "I'm all for it fuck the mother fuckers the more people they kill the better it is for every body" -black woman quote =P

    so 4.5 out of 5 stars (simply because the sequel is going to set the bar and lock in a solid 5 stars). It's going to suck though when the sequel comes out because there wont be any more Rocco =( he was one "funny guy" especially when he shoots that cat ha ha. So yeah Obviously Boondock Saints for the win im glad about that ha ha.
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