ok you wanna know how to get a picture on your sig ok here it is
1 at the top of the screen where you see Home User CP FAQ etc.
well go to the one that says Quick Links
2Click on the "EDIT SIGNATURE" button
3 on the tool bar where you edit stuff like font and shit, you should see one that say insert photo or something.(if you just let your mouse sit over top of each icon you should see it some up so u know whick one it is
4 find the website in which the picture u want
5 go to the address bar like if you were going to a different website and copy the web site to the box in which u put the image url
6PREVIEW the signature so that if you didn't do something right u save your self a few clicks bye not saving right away

this last steps is only if you want like a piture of your self in your sig
7 you need to sign up for a website that lets you upload stuff (www.savefile.com)works for me
8 upload your picture to ur save file account.
9copy the URL of the website in which ur picture is show
10 paste it in the box of witch u put the URL of the image in