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    so i've been trying to find a file (we'll just leave it at that) and i've been able to find it all over the place using bittorrent providers. but every time i find a "torrent" (and yes, there are seeders) it downloads at 1-3 kbps, if at all. does bittorrent just suck ass? can anyone recommend something better, or perhaps tell me if im missing something here? i wasn't sure where to ask a quesiton like this, this is one of the only forums i go to.
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    we're not allowed to discuess downloading of illegal material here. try google
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    the file you download is just the torrent file... you need a torrent program that reads the torrent file.. i use G3 torrent myself... google that =p

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    You may need to forward your ports. Look up "Port Forwarding" on google.
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    Or make sure your firewalls are down ect and i use Azureus, in my opinion one of the top programs for torrents. Ah i remeber back in the day when i used bit torrents official downloader, god it sucked.

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    Don't abuse the rules. is not to talk about bittorents. Try a different forum.
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    look who's talkin!!!
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