Thread: Concerning "Name calling" (Warning, contains a bit of foul language)

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  1. #1 Concerning "Name calling" (Warning, contains a bit of foul language) 
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    Its the internet. I guarantee that if you are an active user of the internet you will be insulted in some way.

    But for right now, insults will be determined by levels.

    Idiot, dumbass, etc. - Level 1
    Fucker, Bitch, etc. - Level 2
    Racist slurs - Level 3

    The only time you should message a moderator/admin about insults is if its level 3. You shouldn't message us about small things. We are here to help the forum, not to change diapers for our members.

    Thanks, #'s.
    I hold the Ban Guitar.
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    What happened?!?! Jesus...
    i am an idiot.

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