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    Retired Moderator PSP Elite Hacker Major Zero's Avatar
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    Dec 2006

    It's been a blast yall, but my time has come.
    I'm leaving on my own reasons, I may or may not be around.. maybe a limited time or a seasonal member... idk lol

    this is my farewell thread, the ART guy for this forum is leaving the building.

    feel free to flame all you want on me in here and only here... say your good byes and what not..
    hit me up if you want to chitchat or have a request
    PSN: Maj-Zer0 0 is a zero
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    Senior Asshole PSP Elite Hacker cowboycalstar's Avatar
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    Jul 2006
    nothing to flame you for. you've always been cool to me and most of the people i've seen you interact with. doesn't matter if i sound queer saying it, but you'll be missed
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    Senior Member PSP Elite Hacker Kaikz's Avatar
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    Nov 2008
    Another mod down.. Oh well, could be worse.
    Have fun.
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    Senior Member I Modded My PSP samus of rico's Avatar
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    Mar 2009
    goodbye metroid larva like a confused child you helped me defeat mother brain. even death you helped me out by healing me of the x virus.

    goodbye major zero. i hardly knew you seriosly

    Those born with the fire in their heart are STRONG, but those who earned it are STRONGER!!!
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    I'm the utter definition of a useless member.
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    ♥ man ass PSP Elite Hacker carp's Avatar
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    Jun 2007
    some people are so lame.

    peace man.
    u saw the light when no one else did.
    love ya bro.
    I'm a fag.
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    I'm Pitching A Tent PSP Elite Hacker Chriscyco30's Avatar
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    Jun 2007
    Cya Major Zero, just letting you know you were the reason I got into gfx. Thanks alot man, good luck in life.
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    Senior Member PSP Mad Hacker DumpsterDiver's Avatar
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    Sep 2006
    I've seen too many long term friends and acquaintances leave this here forum thing.
    It sucks, but it would come eventually. Cya bro, have fun and live ya life.
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    Senior Member PSP Elite Hacker l33ttony's Avatar
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    Oct 2008
    pce man have a good one. Love your sigs.
    Last edited by l33ttony; 10-26-2009 at 12:24 AM.

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    Senior Member PSP Mad Hacker
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    Aug 2008
    Take care. You weren't an ass, ever, and you handled things rather well. Wish you the best.
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    The King Of Chinatown PSP Elite Hacker Geek's Avatar
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    Jan 2009
    thanks man the art forum's definitely going to miss you thanks again for the sig

    I'm not a pirate. I am a 21st century Che liberating files from the capitalist overlords.
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    Thanks MZ for a sleek sig!
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    Retired PSP Elite Hacker fubar42o's Avatar
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    Aug 2005
    Quote Originally Posted by MuffinlyBliss View Post
    Take care. You weren't an ass, ever, and you handled things rather well. Wish you the best.
    QFT. I never had a single quarrel with you, MZ. I'll remember you. Byegood old companion =]

    "don't fucking ask me. i don't know..."

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    Senior Member PSP Elite Hacker Bewood's Avatar
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    Apr 2008
    Peace out man, you were the one who finally set my mindset into how to make a good sig. I wouldn't be as good as I am, if good at all, if it weren't for you.

    Love ya bro.

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    Senior Member PSP Elite Hacker DarkFoxSniper's Avatar
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    Aug 2007
    Never spoke to you that much but we did talk a few time.You will be missed.

    Quote Originally Posted by iedwardsIII
    In the words of DFS, go die.

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    Senior Member I Modded My PSP sf741852963's Avatar
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    Feb 2009
    You're leaving? awwwww crap. Dude you are a mod, you have RESPONSIBILITIES. but we can't stop you from leaving. bye bye.
    (btw isn't it Good Bye! not Bye! good?)

    I think I am a Clannad Fan now.... (TOMOYO ROX) And also a Final Fantasy Fan (CLOUD ROX)
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    Senior Member I Modded My PSP king234's Avatar
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    Jul 2009
    i dont know u, but still bye bye dude.

    There are no stupid Questions...Just stupid people

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