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    ok, how the hell do i chain moves in dissidia? like golbez's cosmic rays.
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    not sure... look through THIS or THIS. You have a good chance of finding your answer there...

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    Button mashing. This game is so monotonous, I can never play through anything on it.
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    You can chain attacks? I just know theres a certain delay depending on character, like Sephiroth, who is fast as flying fucks.

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    If you mean, chaining his bravery, with his HP attack. You have to master that skill to get the chain. Not all characters have that.
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    Exactly. You first have to learn it.
    When you learn it, it will show in the Abilities Tab (inside Customization), and Under Bravery ATK, there will be a small square with Cosmic Ray or Omnislash Version 5 or whatever. Check it, and you can use it

    IF you already unlocked it, and you want to, but you can't, you need the right timing. for Golbez, I first kept on failing, but after finding the timing, I own with him.

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