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    I'm considering getting one of the two, and I thought it would make a good debate topic.

    Right now, I only have a Wii. It has some fun games for sure, but I'd like to move up to one of the HD consoles. Let's assume for now I will only get one of them. Which do you believe is better and why?

    I've done enough of my own research already and I'm leaning towards one of them, but I'm not going to say which. I'd just like to hear some other opinions.

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    Well the PS3 has free multiplayer and it's always fun to play with others but Xbox360 has multiplayer but you have to pay for it which is really stupid. Evil microsoft! Anyway Xbox360 games usually are shooting games like Halo and stuff like that but PS3 has MSG4. But if like a basically pure gaming device than go for the 360 if you want lots of media capability's go for the PS3.

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    the wii HD is coming out soon, just get that and stfu, stop trying to create a flame war, im sure you know which one you would rather have, if your cool you will get both anyway

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    ugh.. not another one of these. we have plenty of threads like this already on the forum, so look around and youll find another one of these pissing contests between fanboys.

    bottom line, buy whichever system has the exclusive titles you want more. locked before the inevitable flamewar
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