Well, many of you probably know about digital life. If you don't, it's an exhibiton for new technology and games. (Linky ) Well, today, was the press release at the Roosevelt Hotel in New York, lucky for me, my dad's a local consumer reporter, and both our names where placed on the list (by the editor of Pcmag ) And I'll tell you all what I saw, and most importantly what I got

Exhibitors there tonight that I feel like mentioning

Alienware-showed off their new Aurora line of laptops, as well as the Superman Returns notebook
Altec Lansing- Wireless Media Headphones-good quality
Anthology Solutions Yellow Machine- Media storage appliance, up to 2 Terabytes! Remote access, firewall, and network storage...all in one
EzGear for Ipods- Ipod video glasses, for Zen Micro, and stand for your ipod videoe
Hotseat Gaming Chasis- Fantastic gaming chair...especially for racers
Turtle Beach- Fantastic wireless gaming headphones (the 360 ones come with a built in xbox live headset, which is great because the normal 360 ones suck)
ShieldZone- Invisable shield for ipods, computers, psps, and more.

The Free Stuff I got

2 Free Ipod cases from iFrogz
Free Invisible shield for my Ipod Video
Free Altec Lansing Headphones
Free Vongo Shirt
Free Mini-Robopet
Free Retractable AV cables for Ipods and such
Free Stickers from Alienware
Lots of free Pens

Well, if you guys could see the entire list of exhibitors, it's probably on their website, if not, it's amazing. If any of you have the option to go to the real exhibiton in New York (Last time it was at the Javitz center) Go!