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    Hey is it just me, or all the past posts beyond April 2006 being archived ?

    Just wondering

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    You are correct. At least I think so. There is an archive link if you scroll to the bottom of the page and look on the far right of the screen, however, this link does not work. It returns an error, lol.

    EDIT: I believe we can access the archive from the moderator control panel. I'll check and post back with my findings.

    EDIT #2: OK, it appears the individual sections have a around a 90 day cut off for showing active threads (in other words if a thread is not active for 90 days it drops off the thread list for the section). The posts are not lost however because you can still search and find old threads that have been around since the beginning of the forum. There seems to be an active view that shows currently active threads and this seems to be where the sections query to show info and where clicking on "Show all posts by this user" query. The "Show all threads by this user" and the search button both appear to query from a larger data source that holds all posts regardless of the active state of the posts. My guess is this is done to make the main sections load faster since they can ignore old/inactive threads and posts. I can not give you the exact workings of this since I do not have access to the admin control panel, just the moderator control panel which only allows me to view and manage users, posts, and threads not forum settings and sections.
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    Thanks Drizzle

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