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    Anyone here play any games on Steam, especially Source games (HL2, HL2M, CS:S, etc)? I was thinking we could add each other and have deathmatches. You can make groups in Steam to schedule competitions and such, so we could plan events. Also, it's just nice to play with people from a community you're part of.

    Mine is: _Diablo_ ( display name is Product F(RED) )

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    Pretty dead thread unfortunately. I was just about to start one of these threads but decided to search and this came up.

    Hit me up for some CS:S or HL2:D. Steam ID is: KayEmR

    I'm low on the funds but Steam usually has great deals so let me please recommend any worth getting games. - Man's best friend. - Free shit. It works. Received $183.864 worth of prizes so far.
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