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    Play TiVo Recordings on PSP

    Ever wish you could download TV shows onto your PSP? If you have a TiVo digital video recorder, now you can. TiVo and Sony have finally made available their joint TiVoToGo service for PSP. TiVoToGo allows customers to convert and transfer recorded content from their TiVo units to a PSP with minimal effort. Using the TiVo Desktop software, you simply select a recording from the TiVo's archive and watch as it is automatically transferred to the PSP.

    To use the service, you'll need a Series 2 TiVo box hooked up to your home network, a PC running the latest TiVo Desktop software ($24.99), and a PSP.

    For more info, check out

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    thats kool only if i had tivo...

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