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    This is not a Fav. Albums thread, this is not a Fav song from an era... this is whats on your playlist right this moment thread...

    I'll start it off with two playlist's, one of mine and one of my Girlfriend...
    oh and lets keep it between 10 and 20 songs plz... HUGE Lists kinda suck

    Playlist title

    Song Name/Band/Album

    Just Drive...
    I'm Not Jesus/Apocalyptica/Worlds Collide
    Sabotage/Beastie Boys/Solid Gold Hits
    Rev 22:20
    /Danny Lohner, Maynard James Keenan(Puscifer)/Underworld OST
    My Own Summer (Shove It)
    /Deftones/Around The Fur
    Same Song & Dance
    Drop It Low (Remix)
    /Ester Dean Ft Chris Brown/Single
    Good Times, Bad Times
    /Godsmack/Good Times, Bad Times... Ten Years Of Godsmack
    Everywhere I Go
    /Hollywood Undead/Swan Songs
    Nothing's Left
    /Insane Clown Posse/Jeckel Brothers
    /Korn/Follow the Leader

    Hers: ---She Loves to dance to these---
    Shake Yo Shit!!
    Cherry Pie/Insane Clown Posse/Bizzar
    Living Dead Girl/Rob Zombie/Hellbilly Deluxe
    The Way I Are/Timbaland/Shock Value
    Got Money/JDSFA Featuring Jim Root/Single
    Smack That (Remix)/Akon Feat. Stat Quo & Bobby Creekwater/Eminem Presents: The Re-Up
    Fuck the pain away/Peaches/The Teaches of Peaches
    /Pantera/The Great Southern Trendkill
    /Pink Floyd/Dark Side Of The Moon
    /Korn/Life Is Peachy
    No Ordinary Love
    /Deftones/B-Sides & Rarities
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    list, online playlist ( or playlists used on media players?

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    This Love, This Hate / Hollywood Undead / Swan Songs.
    Fever / Cascada / Evacuate the Dancefloor.
    Black Box / Stan Walker / Black Box - Single.
    Good Morning / Chamillionaire / Good Morning - Single.
    Lose Yourself / Eminem / Curtain Call.
    TiK ToK / Kesha / Animal.
    Blah Blah Blah feat 3OH!3 / Kesha / Animal.
    Tik Tok (Parody) / The Midnight Beast / Tik Tok (Parody) - Single.
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    Quote Originally Posted by xavis75211 View Post
    list, online playlist ( or playlists used on media players?
    Well if you have the time to have all those different playlists then thats just crazy... I guess I didn't have it in simple terms... the Playlist you mostly listen to, whether it's in the car, on the move, on your Computer... if that's to hard to figure out cuz you have an Iphone, Ipod, Zune, and a Shitty $ony Walkman... then Just pick some songs that you like man lol
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    Beverly Klass - Temple
    The Philosopher Kings - All To Myself
    The Rose Chronicles - Blood Red
    Enigma - Beyond the Invisible
    Morcheeba - Howling
    Chainsuck - Big Mistake
    Sarah McLachlan - Do what you have to do
    Depeche Mode - The Love Thieves
    Boomkat - Wasting My Time
    Delerium - Fallen Icons
    DJ Krush - Kemuri
    Melody Gardot - Worrisome Heart
    Massive Attack - Safe From Harm
    Splashdown - Presumed Lost
    Taylor Swift - Tim Mcgraw
    The Cardigans - Starter
    The Cardigans - Erase/Rewind
    Unkle - Blood Stained
    Sia - Under The Milkyway
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    I don't use playlists, I put full albums on my mp3 player and then usually listen to an album all the way through. I'll shuffle ten times though and we'll see what I get.

    "Till I Get My Way" - The Black Keys
    "It's a Fire" - Portishead
    "Heaven" - Lamb
    "To Catch a Thief" - Lovage
    "The Grudge" - Tool
    "The Transported Man" - Consider the Source
    "Leif Erikson" - Interpol
    "Wish You Were Here" - Incubus
    "Bury Me With It" - Modest Mouse
    "I-E-A-I-A-I-O" - System of a Down
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    Eminem-Déjà vu
    System Of A Down-Aerials
    Eminem-Still Don't Give A Fuck
    Michael Jackson-Thriller
    Bone Thugs N' Harmony-Wind Blow
    Bad Religion-Infected
    Mindless Self Indulgence-I Hate Jimmy Page
    Del The Funky Homosapien-If You Must
    Deep Purple-Smoke On The Water
    Alice In Chains-Man In The Box

    Just to name a few...

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    Corner Cuttin/Gucci Mane/Trap House
    Dopeman/Gucci Mane/Trap-Tacular
    I Smoke Kush/Gucci Mane/Guapaholics
    Re-Up/Gucci Mane/Trap-A-Thon
    We Go Hard/Gucci Mane/Trap-Tacular
    Ak's and Chevrolet's/Jody Breeze/A Day In The Life Of
    Just To Fight/Pastor Troy/Face Off Part II
    Murda Man/Pastor Troy/Face Off Part II
    I'm Da Man/Plies/Definition of Real
    I Keep That/Project Pat/Crook By Da Book: Da Fed Story
    In Too Deep/Three 6 Mafia/Da End
    Late Night Tip/Three 6 Mafia/Da End
    Rainbow Colors/Three 6 Mafia/Da Unbreakables
    Spill My Blood/ Three 6 Mafia/Chapter 2: World Domination
    Walk Up To Yo House/Three 6 Mafia/Da End
    Fireman/Lil Wayne/The Carter 2
    Pill Poppin Animal/Lil Wayne/The Carter 3
    Beat Without Bass/Lil Wayne/The Carter 3
    White Girl/Young Jeezy/Cold Summer
    Ain't I (Remix)/Young Dro & Young LA/Black Boy White Boy


    Fingers Like Daggers/After The Burial/Forgiving A Future Self
    Early Grave/Architects/Hollow Crown
    Necropolis/The Black Dahlia Murder/Deflorment
    God Wears Gucci/Bless The Fall/Witness
    Diamonds Aren't Forever/Bring Me The Horizon/Suicide Season
    Braile (For Ray Charle's Eyes Only)/Bring Me The Horizon/Count Your Blessings
    Cyanide/Burning The Masses/Mind Control
    Mirror, Mirror..../Bury Your Dead/Beauty and the Breakdown
    Sadistic Embrace/Carnifex/The Diseased and the Poisoned
    Entre le Bien et le Mal/Despised Icon/Day of Mourning
    Day of Mourning/Despised Icon/Day of Mourning
    I <3 EC2/Emmure/Felony
    I Should Have Called Mrs.Cleo/Emmure/The Complete Guide to Needlework
    Scorn Haven/Ion Dissonance/Minus the Herd
    Sacre Coure/It Dies Today/Sirens
    Thank You For Drinking/It Dies Today/Lividity
    The Failsafe/Misery Signals/Mirrors
    The Price of Beauty/Suicide Silence/The Cleansing
    Bludgeoned to Death/Suicide Silence/The Cleansing
    Wake Up/Suicide Silence/No Time to Bleed
    Tractor Pull/Within The Ruins/Creature
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    Nice tunes!!!

    lol MSI/I hate Jimmy Page love that one lol

    have you heard the "Come to Daddy" Cover of Aphex Twin?
    Refresh for more Sigs

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  10. #10 the list 
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    This New Order/Suicide Ali
    Vanguard/Exist Trace
    Jishou - Shounen Terrorist/Nightmare
    Gianizm 10/Nightmare
    Jashin no Bara/Nightmare
    The World/Nightmare
    Leave All Behind/Wilma Sidr
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    Good Dank/Wiz Khalifa/Kush & OJ
    Wasted/Lil' Wayne/No Ceilings
    Look up in da Stars/Kid Cudi/???
    Say Something/Timbaland/Shock Value ? (Idk)
    Run This Town/Lil' Wayne/No Ceilings
    Session/Linkin Park/Meteora
    Best She Ever Had/Chamilllionaire/Mixtape Messiah 7
    In The Cut/Wiz Khalifa/Kush & OJ
    One More Time/Daft Punk/???
    Clocks/Coldplay/A Rush of Blood to the Head
    Clubbed to Death/Rob Dougan/Matrix Soundtrack
    Soundtrack to My Life/Kid Cudi/Man on the Moon
    Closer/Kings of Leon/Only By the Night
    Feel Good Inc./Gorillaz

    Quote Originally Posted by Slowman View Post
    I don't use playlists, I put full albums on my mp3 player and then usually listen to an album all the way through.

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    Five Finger Death Punch
    Not really a playlist but these are some bands Ive been listening to alot here lately...
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    A New Day - Adelitas Way
    Shoot To Thrill - Ac/Dc
    Wild And Young - American Bang!
    Just Close Your Eyes - Waterproof Blonde

    Forgot the others...
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