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    Old school BMXer
    Played alot of sports and done alot of drugs back in the day
    Love to hunt(Coyote,Jack Rabbits,Wild Turkey)and fish
    45 Married with kids (3 Boys 26,9 and 3)
    100% Mexicano to the bone!!
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    1)i'm an ex fat pig from high school who didn't kiss his first girl till a 25 lbs lighter 19 year old. (lost a total of 76lbs all together and still work out till this day, currently 31 years young and still get guessed no older than 26-27! )

    2)boxed for about 5 years, entered 2 amature competitions and my total record combined was 7-1 with 1 knockout, 2 tko's and my loss was to i currently only stick to Krav Maga training and my own gym routines

    3)smoked my first joint at 17 and pretty much stuck with it

    4)used to be a full time chef as well for almost 9 years, got out of it and have been doing electronics now for almost 5

    5)never married, no kids, rent and looking for the right 1st home, own my own cabin (inherited), 2 cars and 100% Italian but don't speak it but my accent is 150% Jersey and wouldn't trade it for any other haha...
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