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    Ok, name 5 things about yourself.

    Anything you want, but one has to be a random one.

    I'll go first.

    I live in london.
    I Want a career in media of some sort.
    I'm 15 (16 in like, a month.)
    My friends are precious to me, especially my close ones.
    I saw my Sex Education video in a Imax cinema.
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    I`m next

    OK here it goes
    I live in bulgaria
    I smoke alot of weed
    I study high, go to the exams high and get high scores (just like in How High)
    I`m 19
    I dream of a stres free world where ppl smoke weed for fun (not like most the ppl now, just to calm the nervs down)
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    - im allergic to bees and shellfish
    - my doberman pinscher sleeps next to me every night
    - i had a nose job at 16, after i broke the bridge while attempting to jump a bmx bike. still love to pedal around occasionally, but i dont try to jump anymore
    - when i got my license at 16, i drove a '93 nissan 300zx twin turbo, till it was stolen and crashed at an intersection a few miles from where it was parked.
    - i know more about horsepower then make up, but im capable of using both, often at the same time
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    I feel so simple minded after i read your post julie
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    *I'm 14, 15 end of June.
    *Got held back a year in school, when i was 6. Hence only just starting high school this year.
    *Live in Timaru, New Zealand.
    *Like Jc, want a career in digital media of some sort.
    *I always seem to be the "nerdy one". Then when it comes to rugby, soccer or softball/baseball, i'm a completely different person.
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    - I am old compared to all of you....36, will be 37 in June
    - I just got out of prison after 6 years
    - I have traveled to many of the countries that you all live in
    - I love being a husband and a dad
    - I need to get off my ass more often and drop 15 lbs.
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    Dec 2009
    ¤im 14
    ¤i live in the us
    ¤i started high school this year
    ¤i have athsma
    ¤i tried to wrestle in 7th grade but my friend broke my shoulder during practice.
    i did wrestle the next year but im not this year because the school takes it to
    seriously and high school doesnt have a weight class low enough for me
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    1. I want to make a career out of paintball, but don't have the money or the contacts to do so. It's my dream.
    2. I smoke weed on the regular *burnt so many trees smokey that bear doesn't like me* and eat/sniff pills on occasion but I'm a Christian. Jesus Christ is my savior.
    3. I live in Palm Bay, Florida. First city in the US to open a city owned paintball park and guess what, it sucks.
    4. A lot of my friends are terrible influences, most likely the reason I use drugs and have thought about dropping out of school so many times, but since they're all losers I know I can't rely on them to help me out in my times of need, so I stay at home where every month I get threatened to be kicked out for stupid fucking reasons such as not burning 60 cd's in 1 day for my parents or asking my parents if i can spend the night at a friend's house on Christmas Eve when my family doesn't celebrate Christmas because of its Pagan values.
    5. I love nature and at the same time love technology, I guess you can say I'm an urban hippie.
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    - I live in Hutchinson, KS.. And yes there are black people that live in Kansas. (I get teased by my black college teammates/classmates that arent from Kansas because I talk "proper"). Another tidbit, I turn 20 as of the 9th. I do take PayPal, cash, credit, debit donations (Lol, just kidding on that last one)

    - Im currently enrolled at Hutchinson Community College majoring in sports medicine and on the track team. Its my sophmore year.

    - I've never been the greatest of athletes, though almost all of my family made for exceptional athletes. Whatever I lacked in natural athletic ability, I made up for with a strong, self-centered, work ethic. Wasn't until my freshman year of highschool until I decided to actually commit to sports. Ive worked my way up from being the worst in my school athletically to one of the fastest, strongest athletes my high school has ever seen. I was a semi-decent athlete competing in football, wrestling, and track all 4 years of high school. Even still with all that I didn't decide to go to college until late August (enrollment was early August, school started early September) and was a walk-on to the track team. Track is my best sport, but if I had the choice, I would be playing football during the fall and wrestle during the winter.

    - Since my decision to start competing in sports I've made many "acquaintances" but not many friends. My old "nerd" friends hated me for my decision and the "jocks" saw me as a nerd. So basically I didn't have too many people to chill with, and I now have less than I did then.

    - I hate the color pink
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    I want it all, brand new socks and draws! PSP Mad Hacker thecoo1est's Avatar
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    3 of my top front teeth are porcilan (from a collision with the handle bars of a dirtbike, no helmet)

    I grew up in a machine shop and rebuilt my first engine at 8 years old w/ dads help, but I turned all the wrenchs, it was a go kart motor, I pride myself on my mechanical abilities since Ive had no formal training, I guess its in the blood

    Ive owned 8 mustangs, a little less than 1 a year since I was 16

    I love cars in general not just Ford, as long as its fast I usually like it

    Im not social because I can rarely think of anything to say that other people are interested in, they look at me like Im a nerd, an I cant approach women easily either, I get nervous
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    The King Of Chinatown PSP Elite Hacker Geek's Avatar
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    Jan 2009
    -I'm 17
    -I know more about computers, then I do most things
    -Always been naturally smart
    -I got diabetes at Niagra Falls on the 4th of July
    -I've only had 1 girlfriend in my life so far, but its worked out damn well.

    I'm not a pirate. I am a 21st century Che liberating files from the capitalist overlords.
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    Financially Raped PSP Elite Hacker thesexyone's Avatar
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    1. im half french

    2. i was an emo at one time, and now im a techno-ish dude that wears yellow shirts

    3. i microwaved a cat once

    4. i once stuck my tongue in an electrical socket

    5. i had 4 years in swim lessons and am a trained lifeguard, and yet my mother still asks me to be careful in 5ft deep pools. the nerve.

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    I'm.....Wait, you MICROWAVED a CAT!?!?!

    Anyways, I'm 19.

    I spent almost a year of my life in Germany and Italy with my close friend....its what we did after high school.

    I'm a great soccer player, played since I was 4 years old, and got to play in a nationally ranked tournament while i was in Italy.

    I have no real idea what i want to do with my life....ive never really had any interests other than soccer.

    I throughly enjoy doing stupid things(broken 14 bones, fallen out of a car going 45mph, sledded off a roof, 3rd degree burns on my arm when someone threw an AXE can into a fire, etc.....) oh, and as my Location suggests, i smoke weed.
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    Feb 2009
    -im 27

    -i have a 7 year old son

    -have been married eight years

    -just quit smoking (2-3 packs a day of marlboro which i have done for 11 years)

    - had a bad acid trip when I was 18 that gave me pyschotic symptoms(delusions and hallucinations), which i still have. so, i have to take antipyschotic meds til this day and probably will have to for the rest of my life.

    so dont drugs or you will go crazy
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    Guess I'll go,

    1) Will be 26 next month
    2) Driven 127 mph for 20 mins in a 06 Benz (it felt like floating)
    3) Getting married end of the year
    4) Have a open relationship
    5) Flunked out of Art College
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