Thread: Man crash plane into IRS building.

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  1. #1 Man crash plane into IRS building. 
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    Fucking dumbass...Not the smartest way to avoid paying taxes.

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    that wasnt why he did it.
    he wanted to go out with a bang.
    when i get old and am tired of living.
    ur ganna see my happy ass on the news for some crazy shit.
    u prolly wont remember that carp's real name is Seth Nelson.
    so when the headline says Seth Nelson anally fucks Vice President of Americas wife and then is killed by the husband, u can assume it was me.
    I'm a fag.
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    It's on the news as i type.
    carp, that actual made me laugh. haha
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    its all over the news here, of course they wont stop talking about it. if you ask me, its not worth talking about. its the investigative office, as long as the people still get their income tax, they wont mind it one bit, nor give a shit.

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