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    Sony announces that they are moving into the 3D T.V. Market, some time in spring 2010. The New TV’s Sony hopes will account for half of TV’s in all living rooms across the worldby 2012. The TV’s are going to cost at an estimate of 50% higher then the latest Bravia T.V. Here is a brief explanation released on Sony on how they are producing this phenomenon.

    (image from the BBC.)

    Some people here have said that they have seen leaked information on the web setting the price at 350000 yen. That is is a costly amount. The glasses for these TV’s are not cheap either they are estimate to be $60 a pair to $200.

    Image of the glasses

    (image from the Guardian)

    All TV’s will be 1080p LCD TV’s they are going to start making games 3.D. for these TV’s. Games Sony says is a perfect avenue for the T.V. because games will run smoothly in the 3.D. and will be easier to produce then film and television. Games will be produced in two modes standard and 3.D. which according to Sony is easy to put both on one disc.

    How well do you think these TV’s are going to do?
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    not so soon, 4-5 years later perhaps.
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    This is the future. plan and simple. for anyone the has seen a current 3d movie they will agree. That said i feel that this technology will do very well.
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    Whats next? A Computer that fits on your fingernail?
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    too expensive still. the rich people will buy them off and then buy newer, actually user-tested-and-approved models.

    besides, who'd want a 1x bluray?

    ...even a noob like you can click the link...

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    There is more to it than just what it cost for the set. Right now there is almost no media for them. Some of the Real3D movies recently filmed aren't compatible with these sets. No TV shows, News programs, or such use the special cameras required to create the image so the only real market now is movie and games.
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