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    Im stupid but i created a folder called flash on my psp under "X:\PSP\PHOTO\Flash for the purpose of putting flash games in, but then i quit and decided to play gta and started it up, when i went to move, the game crashed and turned off, then i put the memory stick in my computers card reader and went into it and now it's showing a bunch of folders inside flash with weird symbols for the folder name, when you try to access it, it tells you that the folder is unaccessible b/c of some protection... and there's also other files inside the Flash folder. one of them is a ECJ file and another one is a IRK file, the others just say file... and if you try to open the files, it asks what program you want to open it with or search the web to decide or somethin and it says windows doesn't recognize this type of file. when you try to delete them, it says that the files are read only flash memory files... iono what the hell that means,,, really iono what the hell ne of it means. please help me out w/ this..../

    my psp is US Firmware 2.71 (yeah i was stupid enuff to update b4 checking to see if it blocked out gta cheat device, that pissed me off)

    view a picture picture showing the psp folder with the files inside Flash---
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    Ha that sucks i had that happen to me when i was screwing around with a printer's firmware. Last time i checked there should be a program that deletes any thing with protection; google it. You should come up with somthing

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    just backup everything but that folder to your computer, and format your memory stick.
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