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    Okay, I'm selling my PSP on eBay right now just because I'm not using it.

    but, my friend had offered me a good deal on his DS.

    Black DS Lite, plus a R4 and the card reader but no card. All for £55 (Around $75)

    Should i do it? I don't know if i should buy it, as i have a iPhone which has some good touch screen games on it.

    Also, what are some good Adventure/Long GOOD games on the iPhone? (I have Rayman and GTA and some like that)

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    If you have the Iphone, I see no real reason to get the DS tbh. There's Chaos Rings made for the Iphone / Touch, created by Square Enix.

    I haven't started playing it yet, but it looks to have some good reviews.

    Decided to google to see if there were other rpgs, got this. RPG :: App Advice may look into some myself. ^_^
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    bump that R4 sucks get an acekard from him and then take it.

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    there's not many good perks about the DS, except the fact you can play the new pokemon games
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