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    I got some cool stuff here. I like most of it. Check it out.
    Roland MA-8 Stereo Micro Monitor . Those are my speakers. Best I've heard for their size. If i were turn them up half way I would probably be deafened. They're sick.

    My Monitor isn't all that great but its still alright. It doesn't have a single scratch on it unlike that one shown. And I don't do stupid ass stickers on my monitor.

    My computer as of now About 4 years old but does everything i want it to do except things that i need it to do
    oh and My keyboard and mouse (both optical and wireless) cost me $50. They work great except my PS2 fell on my keyboard twice (don't ask me how) sadly killing off the two supporting things one by one Now i use cd/dvd cases to hold it up

    I got a fucked up headset that doesn't fit my ear. its not worth even showing. Its crap. but i DID however cut off the wire that head the headphone sign on it and kept the one with the mic sign to use as a headset in socom or something when i get it. That should be unique if it works.

    MY GLASSES SADLY . It stinks haveing to wear them but they fit nicely and i look decent in them.

    my beautiful PSP of course, still good as new, with the UMDS: Metallica, Burnout Legends, GTA: Liberty City Stories, and Family Guy my favorite show or at least one of them. I also got a charging/transfering USB cable, hand strap though i don't attach it, 512MB stick, the charger, one battery with about 70-80 hours on it, PGP case, a pair of PGP homemade skins, MS Duo adapter, and i think thats it. Oh and i got a wireless connection here at about 500kb/sec maximum, im not reallly sure on that id have to check. I know im not overestimating though.

    Even though this PC of mine has a 64MB, 4 year old graphics card and so on, i still got some cool games!:
    F.E.A.R. (unsupported chipset)
    Quake 4 (looks better when i take a shit on my monitor)
    Zoo Tycoon 2
    Tycoon City New York
    My favorite game that ive actually been able to get into: Unreal Tournament 2004
    Some mall tycoon game
    Halo for PC
    about 5 game demos too lazy to see what they are

    I built a little model boat from the future too and put it on top of my POS PC for now cause i have no where else to put it.

    I got a PS2, a big screen TV thats about 10 years old, maybe younger, a little Sanyo TV, I get Charter Digital Cable with almost every single channel, about 100-150 DVD's with my dad and everyone in the house combined. The house im in cost $500,000 and im in the woods you can imaging how big this house is. It even has a kidney shaped in-ground pool with its own waterfall and then a pond that also has its own waterfall and is occompanied by hundreds of frogs. So if any girls wanna hook up one night just p.m. you know? J/K. And also ive got a basketball system in ground. Kinda cool.

    Well, that just about concludes the tour of my dads house that i visit. Cool eh? Coming soon may be a new computer and the Vosonic VP3320 X's Drive with a 100Gig hard drive for my PSP!
    Not really a special occasion, just plain bored.
    Hope you had a nice XMas! Help me modding my original Xbox. See my thread in Anything Goes Here forum

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    ummm, ok....good?

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    maybe yiure leing since their not actual pics ans what was the need ot mkae a thread about all your crap (when i say crap to anything it means stuff not like actual crap or garbage)

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    what the hell, so you didnt post one picture that was yours...

    theres already a thread for this stuff
    tnx drizz

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    Naw this stuff is mine, i just don't have my own camera I know right, maybe i can get my dads? This is mine though. And mods, i don't thing i have the power to, so could you move this to the right thread yourself? never seen that one before sorry.
    Hope you had a nice XMas! Help me modding my original Xbox. See my thread in Anything Goes Here forum

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    make a new reply in the other thread for showing your stuff, this one's locked.

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