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    well, i duno how many of you were around for this thread
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    If you were you remember how i aquired my 1.5 psp that i have today (actually 1.00 now )
    Well today i had a little blast from the past. My sisters boyfriend called me and told me he was going on vacation and want me to show him how to play downloaded games off the computer. So he dropped it off at my house and said he was going to physical therapy and he'd be back in 45 minutes to pick it up. Well, luckily he hadn't upgraded since i swapped it, because it was still at 2.5....i upgraded it to 2.6 then downgraded to 1.5 with the new downgrader. I had a little bit of a panic attack like "Shit...what if i brick it", but it didnt. So I restored my old psp to its former glory...I also put all the newest emu's and applications on it for him and gave him all my roms. He STILL doesnt know I swapped our psp's....and i never intend to tell him

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    Actually, though I just signed up. I remember that thread. I should've signed up back in June, when I first started coming here. I remember all that 'Bennihan' garbage too.
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    lol, thats exactly what i did to my brother when he left. Mines a 2.7 though, so theres no going back for him now

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