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  1. #1 Think of the CHILDREN!!! THE CHILDREN!!! 
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    We must kill all the animals everywhere or the children will never be safe!

    Oh, and kill all the plants, too...they're dirty filthy things, all living in dirty nasty soil like that, and some of them are even poisonous! The children will never be safe unless we kill every plant everywhere!

    But even that won't be enough. The children will be in imminent mortal danger until we kill off every living thing and then cover every part of the whole world with nice clean shiny plastic that's soft & bouncy so the little dumplings won't get boo-boos if they fall down.
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    I know man, I know. You don't need to tell me. I've been feeling the same way since the early 90s. Everything needs to go. Children cannot be brought into this dangerous world. Something needs to be done. I believe your plan is a good start though. - Man's best friend. - Free shit. It works. Received $183.864 worth of prizes so far.
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    i think all food must be replaced by gerber baby food, that way they won't get cancer from mcdonalds. also, i like your floor idea, but i think making cars out of sugar instead of metal would make the streets safe

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    make that like the Simpson's chocolate-ville
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    what the fuck? whats this about?

    "I don't have an anger problem, I have a problem with idiots." - Hank Hill

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    R.I.P Zoidberg
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    i miss George Carlin. i actually made a thread about his passing.
    I'm a fag.
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    well, you got two years... then POP! game over... lol
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