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Thread: Xavis Dumbass

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  1. #1 Xavis Dumbass 
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    Jun 2007
    Ahahahaha Xavis's dumbass got banned! Permanently! Thanks FRED just been waiting for it. Watch out though he'll probably be back in a couple days with a new account flaming again.... Quick poll on you guy's thought.
    xavis : you are fucking clueless arent you. i guess thats typical of a ******.
    FRED : Permabanned

    Good riddance asshole!

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    This is a troll thread.

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    I'm not particularly trolling I want to see what people have to say / think about Xavis' being banned. And it's in the general discussion forum.
    xavis : you are fucking clueless arent you. i guess thats typical of a ******.
    FRED : Permabanned

    Good riddance asshole!

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    waste of a thread...he's been banned for a while, let the guy live and forget about it.

    not for nothing, he used to help out a ton of people before he went sour on everyone...just let it go.

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    I forgot that xavis was banned.......................maybe he'll get the medication he needs

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    Oct 2009
    I'm neutral on this whole situation. Yes he has helped me in the past, but I hated the recent Xavis because he flamed the shit out of people who were in the position I was in just a few short months ago. I hate the fact that the guy had to go, but I couldn't care less either way. HOW IS THAT AN OPINION FOR YA????

    Also, I expect this thread to be locked soon, and OP receive a 1 or 2 day ban.


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    I'm going to lock this thread, but before I do I'll explain.

    Xavis had many chances to redeem himself, and not just from me. I don't know what happened with him, but something snapped and he took out his anger on everyone else, pretty much becoming a troll. He claims it's because when he'd help new people, they'd bark at him and then leave, but if you ask me it's probably something personal. The argument didn't end in that thread ("permabanned "). He took it to the chatbox and tried to justify his anger, insulting me and insulting others. I just did what Julie and Geek were delaying, and not because they were scared to ban him, but because they were nice enough to consider his past usefulness to the forum. He lost all of my respect and basically became a tool.

    Also, this did not deserve an entire thread and I don't need to be congratulated. Anyone who degrades the community needs to be reprimanded.
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    Just to add imranh this is a troll thread and for it I'm going to ban you, here's why, 1. This is not needed. 2. It violates the rules. 3. Its filled with typos and grammar mistake that show you missed basic english. 4. You (judging from past threads see lack common sense and could use a lesson in it.

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