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    Uncyclopedia is a wikia site that parodies Wikipedia. There are tons of fake articles that can be edit by almost anyone. A good example of an uncyclopedia article for PSPmod would be PSP. Infos are fake, but they're there just for humor.

    Just wanna share this with you all, that's all.
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    There is an site about exactly the same in german. It is so awesome, you should try searching for atom cookie on the german parody. I'm gonna browse the website and see may I find an interesting article xD
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    thats an intresting site. I just found my new avatar on that site
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    lol i just seen that
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    thats pretty sick!

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    Funny site, can't believe one had the time to do those writings. Conference Tables|Cubicle Furniture

    Anyways, that's pretty cool site, nice share.
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