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    I have been talking to this guy about trading my Psp and accessories, for his xbox 360 and accessories tell me what you think, should I send it or not.
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    Darkthunder9065: hey
    tupeluchito1987: hey therr
    Darkthunder9065: My parents want to talk to your parents before I can send the stuff
    Darkthunder9065: Is that ok?
    tupeluchito1987: well my parents arent here at the moment
    Darkthunder9065: Yea
    tupeluchito1987: and they speak spanish lol
    Darkthunder9065: Its like 6 over there
    Darkthunder9065: My dad is spanish
    tupeluchito1987: only spanish
    tupeluchito1987: kool
    tupeluchito1987: well yea the thing is bro
    Darkthunder9065: Or he is puerto rican
    tupeluchito1987: like i said bro
    tupeluchito1987: ima need u to send first no problems wil ocur i promise ok
    tupeluchito1987: btw my parents and i live like seprate lives
    tupeluchito1987: and btw i only live with grandmother
    tupeluchito1987: but yea bro
    Darkthunder9065: well then I guess they can talk to your grandmother
    tupeluchito1987: i willhave ur stuff sent out the following day
    tupeluchito1987: lol my grandmother is deaf
    tupeluchito1987: sadly but true
    Darkthunder9065: ...
    tupeluchito1987: meh dude
    tupeluchito1987: im telling u
    tupeluchito1987: u can trust me ok
    tupeluchito1987: btw
    tupeluchito1987: hmm u want me to ship first?
    Darkthunder9065: You said you couldent
    tupeluchito1987: well ill try if u cna do me one favor?
    Darkthunder9065: what?
    tupeluchito1987: buy me the 9$ account
    tupeluchito1987: with a credit card?
    Darkthunder9065: what was that account for again
    Darkthunder9065: "?
    tupeluchito1987: lol
    Darkthunder9065: phantasy star
    tupeluchito1987: pso
    tupeluchito1987: yea
    tupeluchito1987: remember u never got to do it
    Darkthunder9065: well if you send the xbox why would you need the account
    tupeluchito1987: ?
    tupeluchito1987: hugh?
    tupeluchito1987: im just saying cuz then im gonna be bored with nothing to play for like 3 days since im sending the xbox2 u
    tupeluchito1987: so cmon bro can u do that for me?
    Darkthunder9065: Well ya kinda need the xbox to play the game dont you?
    tupeluchito1987: lmaoo
    tupeluchito1987: dude its a pc game
    tupeluchito1987: lmaoo>,<
    Darkthunder9065: it is?
    tupeluchito1987: yea chek for ur selfd
    Darkthunder9065: Phantasy star is on box
    Darkthunder9065: isnt it
    tupeluchito1987: no
    tupeluchito1987: its psoBB
    Darkthunder9065: My friend plays it
    tupeluchito1987: o realy
    tupeluchito1987: psobb
    tupeluchito1987: he plays pso bb?
    Darkthunder9065: Phantasy star
    Darkthunder9065: that
    tupeluchito1987: yea u like that game
    Darkthunder9065: I havnt played it my friend said it was HACKED A LOT

    tupeluchito1987: o yea
    tupeluchito1987: alot
    tupeluchito1987: but thats why sega was smart
    tupeluchito1987: and made one so people wont hack into it
    tupeluchito1987: btw can u please do this now
    tupeluchito1987: i reallly need to play this game
    tupeluchito1987: im bored
    tupeluchito1987: lol
    Darkthunder9065: We cant remember what happened last time?
    tupeluchito1987: ?
    Darkthunder9065: I put the credit card in and all of that information but the thing kept giving me some weird message
    tupeluchito1987: oo yea
    Darkthunder9065: error message
    tupeluchito1987: hmm bro
    tupeluchito1987: use a diff one
    tupeluchito1987: this time use a diff
    Darkthunder9065: We dont have a different one
    tupeluchito1987: i know ur parents got a diff one
    tupeluchito1987: yea u do bro lol
    tupeluchito1987: u should
    Darkthunder9065: not when you live in a apartment
    tupeluchito1987: it can be debit card
    tupeluchito1987: ^^^
    tupeluchito1987: it can be debit/credit card
    tupeluchito1987: i live in an apartment
    Darkthunder9065: In New York
    tupeluchito1987: all it has to have is either the visa/mastercard logo
    tupeluchito1987: u live in new york?
    Darkthunder9065: you do
    tupeluchito1987: oo ok
    Darkthunder9065: dont you
    tupeluchito1987: lol
    tupeluchito1987: no i thought u said u did
    Darkthunder9065: where do you live
    Darkthunder9065: then?
    tupeluchito1987: newyork
    tupeluchito1987: lol
    Darkthunder9065: ohh
    Darkthunder9065: you got confused
    tupeluchito1987: thats why i was surprised
    Darkthunder9065: Lol otherwise I would just walk over to your place
    tupeluchito1987: yea
    tupeluchito1987: thats why i said that
    tupeluchito1987: anywho
    tupeluchito1987: can u go chek if u can see if they have a debit or crredit card
    tupeluchito1987: because u cant use the same one
    Darkthunder9065: A debit card would work only problem is
    tupeluchito1987: now u gotta try a dif one k
    Darkthunder9065: we dont have any money in the account
    tupeluchito1987: how much does it have
    Darkthunder9065: or any at all really
    tupeluchito1987: at least 8 dollars
    Darkthunder9065: $0.00
    tupeluchito1987: but it works?
    Darkthunder9065: Literally
    Darkthunder9065: yes
    Darkthunder9065: It works
    tupeluchito1987: hmmm u sure?
    tupeluchito1987: ok so just try it
    Darkthunder9065: I cant, It would overcharge the account
    Darkthunder9065: cause we dont have any money in the account
    Darkthunder9065: Otherwise
    Darkthunder9065: I would take money out
    tupeluchito1987: ok but they dont charge u
    Darkthunder9065: and send the freakin psp
    tupeluchito1987: untill 14 days
    Darkthunder9065: Not with Bank of America
    Darkthunder9065: Believe me
    Darkthunder9065: its happened before
    tupeluchito1987: ok lol
    Darkthunder9065: with an xbox live account
    tupeluchito1987: lol
    Darkthunder9065: my parents got pissed at me
    tupeluchito1987: i see
    tupeluchito1987: well do u know if they have another cc?
    Darkthunder9065: I asked
    tupeluchito1987: grr
    Darkthunder9065: he said no
    tupeluchito1987: wow ok that sux
    Darkthunder9065: The funny thing is that it didnt happen until just recently
    Darkthunder9065: when they laid my dad off
    tupeluchito1987: oo i see
    Darkthunder9065: Well do yo have your parents phone number
    Darkthunder9065: ?
    tupeluchito1987: well they not here bro
    Darkthunder9065: where are they
    tupeluchito1987: they are in dominicna republic
    tupeluchito1987: its summer
    tupeluchito1987: they went on vacation dont u think llol
    Darkthunder9065: hmmm....
    Darkthunder9065: let me get this straight, You have parents but they live seperate lives and they are on vacation right now
    Darkthunder9065: And the only person that could really vouch for you is deaf
    Darkthunder9065: correct?
    tupeluchito1987: yea correct
    tupeluchito1987: btw its not my fault
    tupeluchito1987: and another thing
    tupeluchito1987: i can always call u
    Darkthunder9065: Is she mute
    tupeluchito1987: and we can talk
    Darkthunder9065: ?
    tupeluchito1987: lol ya
    Darkthunder9065: RIGHT
    tupeluchito1987: she is
    tupeluchito1987: bro
    tupeluchito1987: im not gonna bullshyt
    tupeluchito1987: about my grandmas healt
    tupeluchito1987: anywhpo
    Darkthunder9065: So your Deaf/Mute grandmother somehow provides for you and the apartment?
    tupeluchito1987: ya
    tupeluchito1987: she is under section 8
    tupeluchito1987: meaning she gets the apartment free and she gets alot of food in the benefit card
    Darkthunder9065: does she work
    Darkthunder9065: ?
    tupeluchito1987: lol no
    tupeluchito1987: she is 68
    tupeluchito1987: she gets money evrymonth
    Darkthunder9065: like how much
    Darkthunder9065: 200?
    Darkthunder9065: 30?
    Darkthunder9065: 300*
    tupeluchito1987: like380
    Darkthunder9065: So then how do you afford an xbox 360 and all of the accesories
    tupeluchito1987: i work
    tupeluchito1987: lol
    tupeluchito1987: dude
    tupeluchito1987: wuut is it with all the questions
    tupeluchito1987: i work at mcdonalds in 125 street
    Darkthunder9065: Its just that you have an excuse for any chance that I could talk to any adult seems odd
    Darkthunder9065: you cannot deny that
    Darkthunder9065: ask anyone
    tupeluchito1987: oktrue but i am the adult
    tupeluchito1987: as u can see my age
    tupeluchito1987: i am 18
    tupeluchito1987: look at my screen name
    tupeluchito1987: dec 5 b-day
    Darkthunder9065: hold on
    tupeluchito1987: well i got to go soon
    tupeluchito1987: i just want to know bro if u gonna send 2morrow ?
    Darkthunder9065: yea
    tupeluchito1987: because i like the xbox but i move alot
    tupeluchito1987: u know
    tupeluchito1987: so something portable wont hurt
    tupeluchito1987: meh
    tupeluchito1987: like if u dont want to do it its cool
    tupeluchito1987: im not eager for it
    Darkthunder9065: No its not that
    Darkthunder9065: Its just that my parents wont let me send it without another parents consent
    tupeluchito1987: lol
    tupeluchito1987: dude how are u gonna do some trade like that?
    Darkthunder9065: ebay
    tupeluchito1987: imagine i lived alone
    tupeluchito1987: and i am about 23
    tupeluchito1987: wut would ur mom do in that case
    tupeluchito1987: talk to me?
    Darkthunder9065: ebay
    tupeluchito1987: oki dont have ebay
    tupeluchito1987: lol >,> i hve no credit card
    tupeluchito1987: at all..
    tupeluchito1987: meaning thats why i always ask u to pay for my membership
    tupeluchito1987: remember now?
    Darkthunder9065: yes yes
    tupeluchito1987: so u gotta cut a bro some slack
    Darkthunder9065: Ill see what I can do
    Darkthunder9065: talke to you later
    tupeluchito1987: my life isnt easy
    Darkthunder9065: talk*
    tupeluchito1987: btw
    Darkthunder9065: ?
    tupeluchito1987: can u let me know
    tupeluchito1987: if u gonna send today?
    Darkthunder9065: Its 1am dude
    tupeluchito1987: i prefer u send in the morning if possible
    tupeluchito1987: i know thats wy i said today lol
    Darkthunder9065: I dont know if it will be today
    Darkthunder9065: I have a soccer game in the morning
    tupeluchito1987: well it would be best if u can do it today
    tupeluchito1987: well on ur way to the soccer game drop it off bro
    tupeluchito1987: ??? it will be perfect
    tupeluchito1987: and then i will receve on sunday
    tupeluchito1987: depending wut type of mail u sending?
    Darkthunder9065: Ill see what I can do, until then I dont really know
    tupeluchito1987: meh ok
    Darkthunder9065: cya
    tupeluchito1987: cya
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    Nevermind I saw This and decided not to, Oh I know not to double post but my last post had 10,000 Chars already.

    Crimsn read that sentence again ^^^^^

    Oh and if you want to spam him or something here is his Address.

    kevin grullon
    220 wadsworth ave apt 303
    new york ny 10033
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    dude fuck that, hes making all these excuses...fuckem'

    and he wants you to send first like overly wanting you to send it. That means hes probably gonna fuck you over. dont do it.

    edit:dont double post!!!!!!! edit button.
    tnx drizz
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    You should have offered to send an e-mail to his grandmother to see if she turned up blind too.

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    too long for me to read
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    Quote Originally Posted by demondude777
    You should have offered to send an e-mail to his grandmother to see if she turned up blind too.
    LOL yeah,t hats a real good idea

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    who in thier right minds would even buy an xbox?

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    thats too much to read... summary plz
    R.I.P Zoidberg
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    Basically the guy had an excuse for any chance of contact to his parents.


    I tried to contact his parents but he had an excuse for any chance

    He said His parents dont live with him, they are spanish, and live seperate lives. So I tried to talk to his grandmother he said that she was deaf, so I said that it wouldent stop her from talking he said she was also mute. So then I asked when his parents were getting back and he said that they were in Dominican Republic on vacation.

    Oh and Im talking about Killer185 on the pspmod forum here.
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    If you check out the forums at thsi other site, it shows he's scammed multiple people
    Quote Originally Posted by julie
    who me? im a perfect lil angel
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    yeah, good that you didnt do that. did you just meet him over the net?

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    that guy is a pos. keep your money and wait for a better deal.
    R.I.P Zoidberg
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    jsh is offline
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    killer185 last activity was today, here's all the ip's he's been using, have fun kids:

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    Does he think that people are going to fall for stuff like that...come on...and he kept asking you to send it immediatly.....yet he didn't even know if he could send the x-box. That right there is clue one that..."Hello, I am a moron."

    June 2005 - PSP homebrewed
    August 2006 - DS homebrewed

    Embrace both handhelds the way they weren't meant to be played!

    Quote Originally Posted by demondude777
    I am now your love cleric.
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