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    This is the area to fill up with Black Ops info, Tactics, Scores, Classes, Whatever
    If it has anything to do with Call of Duty Black Ops, stash it in this thread; once this drops I'm sure we'll have tons of threads asking about shit... so have it troops.

    Weapons List: (so far)
    CP=COD Points

    Assault rifles
    * M16
    * Enfield
    * M14
    * Famas
    * Galil
    * AUG
    * FN FAL
    * AK-47
    * Commando
    * G11

    Sniper rifles
    * L96AW
    * Dragunov
    * WA2000
    * M40
    * PSG1

    Submachine guns
    * MP5k
    * Skorpion
    * MAC-10
    * AK74u
    * Uzi
    * PM63
    * MPL
    * Spectre

    Light Machine Guns

    * HK21
    * RPK
    * M60
    * Mini-Gun (obtained from Care Packages)

    * KS-23
    * SPAS
    * Olympia
    * Ithaca
    * HS-10

    * Crossbow

    * M1911
    * .357 Magnum
    * Python
    * Makerov
    * ASP
    * CZ75


    * M202A1 “Grim Reaper” Rocket Launcher
    * RPG-7
    * China Lake Pump Action Grenade Launcher
    * Strela
    * M72

    Assault Rifle Attachments

    * Extended Mags (500CP)
    * Dual Mag (500CP)
    * ACOG (750CP)
    * Red Dot Sight (750CP)
    * Reflex (750CP)
    * Masterkey (750 CP)
    * Flamethrower
    * Infrared Scope (1000CP)
    * Grenade Launcher (1000CP)
    * Suppressor

    Pistol Attachments
    * ACOG (750CP)
    * Snub Nose (750CP)
    * Speed Reloader (750CP)
    * Dual Wield
    * Upgraded Iron Sights

    Lethal Grenades
    * M67 Frag Grenage
    * Semtex/Sticky Grenade
    * Tomahawk

    Tactical Grenades
    * Nova Gas
    * Willy Pete (Smoke Grenade)
    * Flash Bang
    * Concussion
    * Decoy

    Alternate Ammo
    * Incendiary ‘Dragon’s Breath’ Shotgun Rounds
    * Explosive Tipped Crossbow Bolts

    * Camera Spike (2000CP)
    * C4 (2000CP)
    * Tactical Insertion (2500CP)
    * Jammer (2500CP)
    * Motion Sensor (3000CP)
    * Claymore (3000CP)

    * Knife
    * Ballistic Knife

    Custom Reticles
    * Dot
    * Semicircle
    * Line with dot
    * Circle
    * Smiley
    * Arrows Horizontal
    * Arrows Vertical
    * Arrows with dot
    * Boxes
    * Burst
    * Circle within a circle
    * Circle with dot
    * Circle with Crosshairs
    * Circle with inner line
    * Circle with outer line
    * Circle with arrows
    * Circle with triangles
    * Outer crosshairs
    * Small crosshairs
    * Large crosshairs
    * Diamond
    * Diamond outline
    * Heart
    * Radiation
    * Skull
    * Square
    * Square outline
    * Star
    * 3 dots
    * Treyarch
    * Triangle
    * Outer triangles
    * x
    * X with dot
    * yin yang

    * Sahara
    * ERDL
    * Tiger
    * Berlin
    * Warsaw
    * Siberia
    * Yukon
    * Woodland
    * Dusty
    * Ice
    * Red
    * Olive
    * Flora
    * Gold


    Sacrifice: Ensure your squad escapes safely from Cuba.(10 Achievement Points)
    Death to Dictators: Use a single round to bring down Castro.(15 Achievement Points)
    Give me liberty, or give me death: Escape Vorkuta.(10 Achievement Points)
    Slingshot Kid: Destroy all slingshot targets in 3 attempts.(15 Achievement Points)
    VIP: Receive orders from Lancer.(10 Achievement Points)
    A safer place: Sabotage the Soviet space program.(10 Achievement Points)
    Tough Economy: Use no more than 6 TOW guided missiles to destroy the tanks in the defense of Khe Sanh.(15 Achievement Points)
    Looks don’t count: Break the siege in the battle of Khe Sanh.(10 Achievement Points)
    SOG Rules: Retrieve the dossier and the defector from Hue City.(10 Achievement Points)
    Raining Pain: Rack up a bodycount of 20 NVA using air support in Hue City.(15 Achievement Points)
    The Dragon Within: Kill 10 NVA with Dragon’s Breath rounds.(15 Achievement Points)
    Heavy Hand: Use the Grim Reaper to destroy the MG emplacement.(15 Achievement Points)
    Up close and personal: Silently take out 3 VC.(15 Achievement Points)
    Double Trouble: Use only dual wield weapons to escape Kowloon.(10 Achievement Points)
    Broken English: Escape Kowloon.(10 Achievement Points)
    Never get off the boat: Find the Soviet connection in Laos.(10 Achievement Points)
    Russian Bar-B-Q: Incinerate 10 enemies with the flamethrower attachment in the POW compound.(15 Achievement Points)
    Some wounds never heal: Escape the past.(10 Achievement Points)
    I hate monkeys: Kill 7 monkeys in under 10 seconds in the Rebirth labs.(15 Achievement Points)
    Clarity: Crack the code.(10 Achievement Points)
    Double Whammy: Destroy both helicopters with one TOW guided missile from the deck of the ship.(15 Achievement Points)
    Frag Master: Kill 5 enemies with a single frag grenade.(15 Achievement Points)
    Sally Likes Blood: Demonstrate killer economic sensibilities by taking down 3 enemies with a single bullet.(15 Achievement Points)
    Unconventional Warfare: Use the explosive bolts to kill 30 enemies.(15 Achievement Points)
    Closer Analysis: Find all the hidden intel.(15 Achievement Points)
    Matinee: Watch a film clip with a friend.(15 Achievement Points)
    Gamblin’ Fool: Finish 5 Wager Matches ‘in the money’.(20 Achievement Points)
    You can do it: Reach rank 10 in Basic Training.(15 Achievement Points)
    The Collector: In Zombie mode, buy every weapon off the walls in a single game.(20 Achievement Points)
    Hands Off the Merchandise: Kill the Pentagon thief before it can steal your load-out.(20 Achievement Points)
    Sacrificial Lamb: Kill 6 zombies after getting shot by a Pack-a-Punched Crossbow bolt.(15 Achievement Points)
    ‘Insert Coin’: Access the terminal and battle the forces of the Cosmic Silverback in Dead Ops Arcade.(10 Achievement Points)
    Easy Rhino: In Dead Ops Arcade, use a Speed Boost to blast through 20 or more enemies at one time.(5 Achievement Points)
    (3x) Hidden Bronze Trophies.

    Vehicular Slaughter: Destroy all enemies on vehicles during the prison break.(25 Achievement Points)
    Lord Nelson: Destroy all targets and structures while making your way up the river.(25 Achievement Points)
    Pathfinder: Guide the squad through the Soviet ourpost without them getting killed.(5 Achievement Points)
    Mr. Black OP: Enter the Soviet relay station undetected.(5 Achievement Points)
    With extreme prejudice: Get to the POW compound in the Hind using only rockets.(25 Achievement Points)
    Light Foot: Escape the ship with 2:15 left on the timer in Veteran.(30 Achievement Points)
    No Leaks: Make it through the NOVA 6 gas without dying on Rebirth Island.(5 Achievement Points)
    Stand Down: Complete the campaign on any difficulty.(35 Achievement Points)
    Down and Dirty: Complete ‘SOG’ and ‘The Defector’ on Veteran difficulty.(25 Achievement Points)
    It’s your funeral: Complete ‘Numbers’, ‘Project Nova’ and ‘Victor Charlie’ on Veteran difficulty.(25 Achievement Points)
    Cold Warrior: Complete ‘Operation 40′, ‘Vorkuta’ and ‘Executive Order’ on Veteran difficulty.(25 Achievement Points)
    Not Today: Complete ‘Crash Site’, ‘WMD’ and ‘Payback’ on Veteran difficulty.(25 Achievement Points)
    Burn Notice: Complete ‘Rebirth’ and ‘Redemption’ on Veteran difficulty.(25 Achievement Points)

    BLACK OP MASTER: Complete the campaign on Hardened or Veteran difficulty.(10 Achievement Points)

    Platinum Trophy: Unlock all other trophies.

    Perk Slot 1

    Lightweight | Lightweight Pro
    Ability: Allows you to move faster, but how fast depends on the equipped weapons mobility. This should be used with a "run and gun" class due to the added speed.
    Pro Ability: No falling damage.

    Scavenger | Scavenger Pro
    Ability: Replenishes your ammunition and lethal grenades when you walk over blue scavenger bags that are dropped by dead players. This won't resupply launchers or equipment. Scavenger is very useful with weapons that run out of ammo quickly.
    Pro Ability: Doubles your starting ammo with extra magazines, replenishes tactical grenades.

    Ghost | Ghost Pro
    Ability: Undetectable by Spy Plane and Blackbird.
    Pro Ability: Undetectable by aircraft, Dogs, Infra-Red and Sentries. The enemy won’t see your name or a red crosshair when targeting you.

    Flak Jacket | Flak Jacket Pro
    Ability: Flak Jacket greatly reduces explosive damage and allows you to survive any indirect explosive attack. Explosive crossbow bolts are lethal if they get stuck on you and explode.
    Pro Ability: Reduces fire damage and allows you to reset the fuse of a thrown grenade when you pick it up. (Confirmed by "Vahn", Treyarch MP Design Director)

    Hardline | Hardline Pro
    Ability: Reduces the amount of kills required for any killstreak by one. For example, the Care Package normally requires 5 kills, but if you have Hardline equipped you only need 4 kills.
    Pro Ability: Allows you to randomly choose another reward from a Care Package. When you open a Care Package, you can either take the reward or try again for something better.
    For example, when selecting a Care Package and you get the Spy Plane killstreak reward, you get the following option: "Hold X for Spy Plane OR Double Tap to Try Again" (Xbox 360)

    Perk Slot 2

    Hardened | Hardened Pro
    Ability: Increases your weapons bullet penetration, but it doesn't increase bullet damage. This is pretty much like Deep Impact from Call of Duty 4 and FMJ weapon attachment from Modern Warfare 2.
    Pro Ability: Bullets do extra damage to Aircraft and Turrets. Reduced flinch when shot at.

    Scout | Scout Pro
    Ability: Enables you to hold your breath longer when steadying a weapons scope. Scout offers a significant advantage to sniper class weapons.
    Pro Ability: Switch between weapons faster.

    Steady Aim | Steady Aim Pro
    Ability: Steady Aim increases a weapons hip fire accuracy and also reduces shotgun spread. This should be used with the Dual Wield attachment, since Dual Wield significantly reduces a weapons hip fire accuracy.
    Pro Ability: Quicker aiming after sprinting and quicker recovery from knife lunge.

    Sleight of Hand | Sleight of Hand Pro
    Ability: Gives a faster reload time by reducing your weapons reload time in half. This is extremely useful with weapons that have long reload times, like shotguns and light machine guns.
    Pro Ability: Allows you to aim down the sight ~50% faster than normal. This doesn't work with sniper class weapons anymore like in the previous Call of Duty games.

    Warlord | Warlord Pro
    Ability: This is the equivalent of Bling from Modern Warfare 2. Warlord allows you to put 2 attachments to your primary weapon. Stealth classes should use this since they can equip a silencer to remaining undetected and still reap the benefits of having a second attachment.
    Pro Ability: Start with one extra lethal and tactical grenade (except smoke).

    Perk Slot 3

    Marathon | Marathon Pro
    Ability: Longer sprint.
    Pro Ability: Unlimited sprint.

    Ninja | Ninja Pro
    Ability: Ninja allows you to walk, sprint and jump almost silently, therefore you can sneak behind enemies more easily. This is the equivalent of Dead Silence from Call of Duty 4.
    Pro Ability: Louder enemy footsteps, makes you completely silent.

    Second Chance | Second Chance Pro
    Ability: Pull out pistol before dying.
    Pro Ability: Survive longer and any team mate can revive you.

    Hacker | Hacker Pro
    Ability: Allows you to see enemy explosives, equipment and Tactical Insertions. This highlights them with a red color like SitRep from Modern Warfare 2.
    Pro Ability: This is one of the most interesting additions to the whole Black Ops perks list. Hacker Pro actually allows you to booby trap enemy Care Packages and also turn enemy killstreaks and equipment friendly.

    Tactical Mask | Tactical Mask Pro
    Ability: Tactical Mask reduces the effects of flashbangs and concussion grenades.
    Pro Ability: Reduces the effects of Gas and Concussion grenades. Reveals the location of a flashed or stunned enemy.

    Commando, Stopping Power, Juggernaut, and Martyrdom are not coming back. So far, all the weapons look balanced, and so does everything else. Killstreaks do not "rack up", meaning you have to kill people with your gun to get higher killstreaks.

    1. Spy Plane (3 Kills): No need to explain this one, this featured in World at War and its basically the same as a UAV recon plane.

    2. RC Car (3 Kills): A new addition to Black Ops. Players control a small buggy on screen, giving you the chance to drive it into enemies and detonate when desired.
    or use as recon and give info to your teamates via headset

    3. Counter Spy Plane (4 Kills): Counter UAV.

    4. Sam Turret (4 Kills): This was revealed by Treyarch recently and allows players to use the Sam Turret to take out enemy aircraft.

    5. Care Package (5 Kills): Could contain some if not all killstreaks in this list. It has also been confirmed that care packages will contain special beefed-up weapons to use for a short period of time. Hidden inside care packages are the Death Machine, and the Grim Reaper. The Death Machine will give you a minigun for a short period of time, while the Grim Reaper is a rocket launcher type weapon.

    6. Napalm Strike (5 Kills): havent heard too much on this, but it is thought to be similar to the standard airstrike on MW2.

    7. Sentry Gun (6 Kills): The trusty old sentry gun. Will never let you down – unless it gets knifed in the back of course.

    8. Mortar Team (6 Kills): This will probably end up being a precision airstrike, but unconfirmed at the moment.

    9. Attack Helicopter (7 Kills): Your bog standard support chopper.

    10. Valkyrie Rockets (7 Kills): Another new addition to Black Ops. The Valkyrie Rockets will launch a collection of rockets, to which players get to control when each rocket detonates. Sounds fun this one.

    11. Blackbird (8 Kills): This is related to the SR-71 plane and will probably be a stealth-bomber type of killstreak. Lots of bodies after this one.

    12. Rolling Thunder (8 Kills): Taken from ‘Operation Rolling Thunder’, this is likely to be the most damaging airstrike in the game, dealing out some serious damage in the process. Hopefully it will have steath features too.

    13. Chopper Gunner (9 Kills): Could be a Pavelow, or could be exactly the same as the chopper gunner from MW2.

    14. Attack Dogs (11 Kills): A hit from World at War, it will be interesting to see how the attack dogs mix up gameplay. Perfect for dealing with campers anyway.

    15. Gunship (11 Kills): It will be a ship that players will be able to control. Must be pretty badass if it’s the last killstreak on the list.

    Intel locations!!!
    Mission 1: Operation 40

    1. It is on a crate inside a building after going up a hill and passing a weapon depot. It is straight ahead as you enter the building with Woods and Bowman leading the way.

    2. It is on the dresser inside of a bedroom with a bed and TV in the next area you enter after you have killed the fake Castro.

    3. It is on top of a ladder inside of the first hangar you enter just after you rappel down from the mountain to the airfield.

    Mission 2: Vorkuta

    4. It is on top of a cabinet on the second floor of the first building you enter with Reznov just after the prisoners have taken out the tower after moving along the train yard behind cover.

    5. It is on a table inside the armory with a few radios. The armory is just after Sergei dies from holding the security door open for you and the other prisoners to get through.

    6. It is on the bottom shelf of a rack near the back of the building you start in after the cutscene from being gassed. There will be a pallet jack and lantern in front of it. You must grab this Intel before getting on the bike.

    Mission 3: U.S.D.D.


    Mission 4: Executive Order

    7. It is on the third floor of the communications building on top of the right table that is underneath the four TV's and golden emblem. You must grab this Intel before going up the ladder to the top of the communications building.

    8. It is inside the control room for the rocket. It is in the far left corner after you blow a hole in the wall on top of the computer in the corner.

    9. It is inside another control room underground on top of a radar computer below the window. This is down the hall to the right after the offices.

    Mission 5: S.O.G.

    10. It is on top of a bunch of ammo crates in the back area you are defending from being rushed by the enemy and when you need to destroy the three T55 tanks. You must grab this Intel before following Woods into the hole in the ground.

    11. It is in the bunker at the bottom left corner of the hill. It is sitting inside the right window.

    12. It is in the larger bunker you enter after saving Woods. It is on a shelf after you pass through the collapsed support beams on fire in the right corner of the same room. You must grab this Intel before following Woods and entering the vehicle.

    Mission 6: The Defector

    13. It is on a table in the security room after you breached the room to find Reznov in it. This is also the same room with a projector and where there is a short cutscene.

    14. It is on a table with a TV inside of a building down the street from when you first use the radio to call in air support and where you travel with the M113 armored vehicle.

    15. It is inside of a building on a table in the corner at the end of the mission when you have to defend the landing zone. Make sure to grab this Intel before enemies start coming. It will also be right after you have to place the C4 on the above wall and then the tank on the street explodes. It is the building at the back far right corner from when you come out of the building you used the C4 in.

    Mission 7: Numbers

    16. It is at the beginning of the level after you have interrogated Clarke. It is on a desk in the back right corner behind you. You must grab this Intel quickly so the Nova 6 gas does not kill you.

    17. It is lying on the ground in front of a shack with garbage all around on the ground. This is just after you slide down the metal roofing, and the game goes into slow-motion so you can kill the enemies that appear.

    18. It is lying on the metal roofing with garbage as you continue to descend after Clarke gets shot in the head while you are trying to save him. This is just before the end of the level where you slide down plywood.

    Mission 8: Project Nova

    19. It is on a table with a lantern and files in the two-story building you come across approximately halfway through the mission. There are two snowplows outside the entrance.

    20. It is on a table next to a cabinet in the hangar with a rocket in it. The table is in a room in the back right corner. You will need to pass through this hangar to continue the mission.

    21. It is on a pallet that is almost completely covered in snow at the end of the ship. It is right before the stairs to the right. You must grab this Intel before you use the rope to get off the ship and before time runs out.

    Mission 9: Victor Charlie

    22. It is lying against the wall near the west corner of the hut. It is right before you knife someone in the back and just after knifing someone in their sleep after climbing through a window with Woods.

    23. It is lying on the ground inside the hut at the end of the village. It is straight ahead from where you enter the village. The Intel is in the east corner of the hut. The village is just after the river area you swim through and plant explosives.

    24. It is in the left tunnel after Reznov helps you move a barrier blocking the path to the next tunnel. When you lead the way, instead of going straight, go left. It is lying on the ground against a rock on the right-hand side of this tunnel.

    Mission 10: Crash Site

    25. It is on a crate next to some barrels at the beginning of the mission. It is just before you get on the boat and after the helicopter.

    26. It is right after you get off the boat. It is lying on the right side of the dirt path in front of you next to a rock as you follow your squad towards the next objective.

    27. It is on a rock just below the crashed plane. When you start to descend from the wing, it is right below you before you enter the plane.

    Mission 11: WMD

    28. It is where you breach the barracks with your squad. It is the second time that you leave Blackbird. It is down the steps to the left on the desk as you enter the barracks.

    29. It is on a bench inside of the utility room located in the communications tower. It is on the second level, which is the level you enter the door from at the far left corner and right before you head down the stairs.

    30. It is on a table with explosives in front of the office that is inside of the large warehouse with explosives everywhere else. You can grab this Intel before or after entering the office. However, it is easier to get it before entering since there is not any resistance.

    Mission 12: Payback

    31. It is on a shelf inside the large ammunition room you enter after going through the left or right tunnel when you escape. It is on the right side of the room. You must grab this Intel before continuing and exiting the underground area with Woods.

    32. It is on the table with a radio to the right of the tent when you exit the underground area. You must grab this Intel before getting in the helicopter with Woods.

    33. It is right after you have freed the POWs. It is on a crate in the area to the far left just before you reach the building where Kravchenko is inside on the second floor.

    Mission 13: Rebirth

    34. It is lying on the ground next to the crate to your left as you exit the shipping container that you were hiding in. Kill the enemy in front of you, grab the Intel, then move quickly so you do not get spotted from the helicopter in the area.

    35. It is on a cage with a monkey in it inside of the containment unit in the center of the room. Do not shoot the enemy inside; instead knife him. If you shoot him, the containment unit will close, making it impossible to grab the Intel located inside of it. However, if you make this mistake, simply die, and start from the last checkpoint to try again.

    36. It is shortly after you have put on the gas mask when the area gets gassed with Nova 6. You will first pass through one house, and then continue up the road to reach the next checkpoint. Before you go into the next house with the checkpoint, there is a house in front of it to the right that contains the Intel. It is sitting on the cabinet with a bunch of pots.

    Mission 14: Revelations

    37. It is on top of a vending machine in the first hallway to your left after you have broken out of the chair and stumble through the doors.

    38. It is inside the trash can to the right on the left side of the wall after you exit a room that triggers a long flashback cutscene. This is right after Intel #37.

    39. It is on the desk to the left inside of the first office room you come across after you have a flashback with JFK as you head down the long hallway with the rocket taking off in the background.

    Mission 15: Redemption

    40. It is just behind the first shipping container you come across. It is lying on the ground under the door. It is right before you need to use the Valkyrie Rockets to take out the two helicopters above you.

    41. It is in the second room you enter when you are inside the ship. It is under the table in front of you with a bunch of crates as you enter on the other side of it. This room is after the locker room.

    42. It is in the office room at the end of the mission before you fight Dragovich. It is under the left desk with the phone. This office room is right next to the control room which is flooded on the lower level -- the room you enter just after going up the stairs.
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    I orgasmed reading this.
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    Quote Originally Posted by KoW210 View Post
    I orgasmed reading this.
    I second this notion.

    97% of all statistics are lies this falls into that catagory.
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    you're both stupid
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    Quote Originally Posted by cowboycalstar View Post
    you're both stupid
    i 2nd this notion lol 1st i thought this was a gamer clan thread or something of that matter. still good info to post up for the COD heads in here...i just picked up the new MOH yesterday and played it online, really different gameplay then cod. took a few rounds to adjust to it but not bad so far.
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    I'm sure if clans pop up then we'll really see this thread active...

    I've heard a lot of mixed reviews about MOH, I tried the beta myself and hated it...
    my buddy got it, played it, said it looks really cool...but the multi is really bad...
    it's the same company that did bad company... so you would think the multi would be good...
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    Screw that I'm getting it on DS
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    CoD is played out
    I'm a fag.
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    well, someone needs a girlfriend....
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    Cod4 was good, and imo, the height of the series. i was very disappointed in Mw2's multiplayer and poor single player storyline. WaW was medicore for MP, but the single player was quite fun... minus a couple quirks.

    i just cant shell out another $60 for this series when the last 2 installments have been below expectations... esp when theres a new Fallout just around the corner. More gameplay per dollar is the obvious winner in my book. Black Ops isnt off my radar completely though, as ill eventually get it second hand on ebay for $25, then ill get what i pay for.
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    I don't see this game being more "playable" than CoD4 and MW2...Infinityward is basically closed; and they really carried the CoD franchise along. Dice is good for Battlefield, but I don't know about CoD. We'll have to see though.
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    This looks amazing.
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    I loved the first MW really was a lotta fun (esp for single player), but MW2 was nothing online, lame. I assume black ops will be nothing but online and Nazi zombies, but we'll see.

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    for me, a good FPS game needs to be split between an engaging story, and well balanced multiplayer. cod4 had a great story that felt fairly realistic, while maintaining a hold on reality. the multiplayer was excellent as well, since the maps were good, the upgrades/classes were fairly well balanced, and it kept me interested for a very long time.

    WaW wasnt a terrible game, it just had a couple quirks in the single player experience that hurt it for me. mulitplayer wasnt all that fun either... i maybe logged 10 hours at best before i lost interest. the only real fun i got out of it were private games with a buddy on the map with the tanks in the city. sniper vs tank was extremely fun. zombie mode i never really got into either, but i played it a bit, not bad... just not my cup of tea.

    heres where the shit hits the fan. Mw2. the highly anticipated game that got you excited anytime the trailer came on tv... yet, what a disappointment. i mostly blame the single player failure on the america side of the campagine. the whole "war on our soil" seemed unrealistic and fake, which annoyed me since the SAS side of the single player was really fun. multiplayer was a mess too... way too many aids to give you an advantage over lower level players, maps with too many camping spots, and too many stupid add ons, like the title banners and shit they gave you. i keep the game in my collection though, because spec-ops mode is still alot of fun, and some of the single player missions are fun to revisit.

    maybe Black Ops will push the series back towards what revamped it in the first place and it will actually be fun in the long run. i still refuse to buy it till its a lil cheaper, as my $60 is going towards New Vegas.... cant afford everything, and i want what will give me the most playtime for my monies.
    R.I.P Zoidberg
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    Fallout New Vegas I am definitely getting first, then I'll get Black Ops when I have the money.
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