The day of 12/23/05

Check this, right here. Me and 2 of my friends were heading towards North Carolina (real nice people there). Rich (friend) brother was gonna get married, so he needed a best man. We just came for company. Exavier being some sort of navigator, he did best at entertaining us with his cruel humor. Well anyway, we decided to take stop at a rest stop, I dont remember wha state. All of us hopped out the car with one mission on our minds, find a bathroom. We all did wha we had to do. When I went to wash my hands, I noticed Exavier wash his hands. By the time I walked over to a sink he was finish. Ex decide to wait for me to finish. I was talking and laughing about all sorts of stuff. The bathroom had lots of sinks to choose from. I was at the 2nd sink close towards the exit, Ex was waitin for me in the distance behind the 1st sink. Then out of nowhere 6 foot infinity redneck official looking cop, wearing some ugly ass green uniform comes walking in. Im looking at this in the mirror. Before he enters the bathroom all the way he stops right in front of Ex, my guess he was thinking this kid smells like that suspicious. After his short delay this dude takes the 1 sink (right next to me). I didnt realize right away because I was still talking to Ex. I then paused to check why I dont hear no reply or laughter, besides my own. While I looked for Ex behind that big ass cop, I looked on his hip (cops) checked out this kids gun. That dude means business. I just bounced out of there, to find Ex outside the bathroom too. While walking I asked Ex why he boogie, because of the cop right. He was like "hell yea I left because of dat big mountee nigga". Then he tells me his version of the story. This big ass mountee nigga looked down to wash his hand, he looks at Ex in the mirror then looks down. I figured the rest out, by time he looked up again me and Ex double timed that kid, lata. So 2 dudes boogie on dat cop, with stuff on us. No lie under the influence it felt like 5 seconds to me. Im sure that cop was thinking " I must be seeing shit" " Long day for me". Mean while me and Ex lata on dat dude. We made a left or right, I dont remember. We stopped at a bench to wait for Rich. The bench gave us a good view of anyone coming our way. Listening to my mp3 player, out of nowhere this kid says " Dat nigga better not bring his ass dis way" I asked who " Dat damn cop". We both just start dying laughing. In like 5 min Ex spot Rich, so we left. All 3 of us again to find another crazy scenerio a wait us outside. Just thought would share dat with u all here.