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    <div class='quotetop'></div><div class='quotemain'>UltraGamer53: *Holds an AK-47 up to your head*
    UltraGamer53: WHO ARE THE PATRIOTS?!
    GrayFox777x: la-li-lu-le-lo
    GrayFox777x: <_<
    UltraGamer53: *pushes harder against head*
    UltraGamer53: WHO ARE THE PATRIOTS?!
    GrayFox777x: NOT U LOL
    UltraGamer53: LOL NT FNNY
    UltraGamer53: Look into my chubby panda.
    GrayFox777x: y
    UltraGamer53: let him hypnotize you with his dance.
    GrayFox777x: o rly?
    UltraGamer53: Yes! And once you become a slave to his mind, he will force you to slaughter all of the zookeepers in southern detroit!
    GrayFox777x: ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
    UltraGamer53: You doubt the power of the chubby panda?!
    GrayFox777x: nt rly
    UltraGamer53: YA RLY
    GrayFox777x: NT RLY
    UltraGamer53: And now you shall feel his wrath!
    UltraGamer53: O MUFFIN!
    UltraGamer53: *earth explodes*
    UltraGamer53: Now see what you did fox?
    UltraGamer53: =|
    GrayFox777x: DAMN
    UltraGamer53: *smacks forehead*</div>

    <span style="color:DarkOrchid">*sigh*</span>
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    The planet asked for it! Don't blame me!
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