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    sethison666 (10:52:37 PM): ello
    x Jess 72 (10:52:49 PM): hi
    sethison666 (10:53:07 PM): ugh lol this sux! only 4 weeks left
    x Jess 72 (10:53:17 PM): I don't mind
    x Jess 72 (10:53:23 PM): I don't mind school
    sethison666 (10:53:37 PM): yeah but had a good summer? me it feels like i havent done something yet
    x Jess 72 (10:53:55 PM): No I work... a lot
    x Jess 72 (10:54:01 PM): I'm in a really bad mood
    sethison666 (10:54:06 PM): why is that?
    x Jess 72 (10:56:09 PM): wednesday is my first full day off
    x Jess 72 (10:56:18 PM): I planed a big 6 Flags trip
    x Jess 72 (10:56:39 PM): with a bunch of my close friends
    x Jess 72 (10:57:04 PM): basically it's all falling to shit to make a long story short
    sethison666 (10:57:38 PM): that sux but u know what sux more? BEING 16! lol its awfull when u get invited to go clubing with a bunch of girls! Dam it!
    sethison666 (10:57:49 PM): but it sux when a plan falls to shit
    sethison666 (10:57:59 PM): brbness
    x Jess 72 (10:58:12 PM): You got invited to clubs with a bunch of girls
    sethison666 (11:00:45 PM): yeah
    sethison666 (11:00:53 PM): we were guna go to providance
    x Jess 72 (11:01:02 PM): riiight
    sethison666 (11:01:02 PM): if my bro only had his lincence
    x Jess 72 (11:01:18 PM): ID... don't tell me you have a fake one
    x Jess 72 (11:01:24 PM): from sick mobsta's
    sethison666 (11:01:30 PM): i dont have a fake id
    x Jess 72 (11:02:14 PM): && you would get into a club how?
    sethison666 (11:02:22 PM): brothers id
    sethison666 (11:02:27 PM): i look just like him
    sethison666 (11:02:35 PM): from facial hair to face
    x Jess 72 (11:02:44 PM): I thought he was 17
    sethison666 (11:02:47 PM): 19
    sethison666 (11:02:53 PM): 3 years older then me
    sethison666 (11:03:05 PM): id be able to get into the complex
    sethison666 (11:03:10 PM): its 18+
    x Jess 72 (11:03:16 PM): I see
    sethison666 (11:03:35 PM): but nope he cant parrellel park so no clubs for me T-T
    x Jess 72 (11:06:53 PM): boo
    sethison666 (11:07:03 PM): yeah so its been a semi boring summer
    sethison666 (11:07:16 PM): still there 4 weeks of partys
    x Jess 72 (11:07:30 PM): I have accepted the fact that Dan && work consume my petty life
    x Jess 72 (11:07:37 PM): I'm ok with Love and Money
    sethison666 (11:07:50 PM): lol thats baiscly life for the wanting
    sethison666 (11:08:13 PM): i live more on a need base all thught i didnt need that stupid shirt:D
    sethison666 (11:08:31 PM): i love kohls best place for cloths
    x Jess 72 (11:09:08 PM): Sears, Old Navy
    sethison666 (11:10:05 PM): meh i neva liked old navy its something i couldnt see my self wearing now khols they got what i were pretty much anything thats ez and comfy but with a good messge CRAP now i rember i need to get new shirts all my shirts have carona or jack daniels on them
    sethison666 (11:11:07 PM): dam regulations!
    x Jess 72 (11:12:17 PM): All I bought this summer was short skirts and tanks to be honest
    x Jess 72 (11:12:24 PM): ... I like breezes
    sethison666 (11:12:32 PM): lol dont we all :P
    sethison666 (11:13:41 PM): the only thing i pray is that our class can learn to shut up in mirandas class. hay did u know he passed me for no reason??
    x Jess 72 (11:14:33 PM): he passed cobb for 4 years
    sethison666 (11:14:39 PM): lol
    sethison666 (11:14:48 PM): he gave me a c even thugh i didnt hand in my notebook
    sethison666 (11:14:55 PM): i wonder why he does that?
    x Jess 72 (11:15:15 PM): he dosent want you for an extra year = heart faliure
    sethison666 (11:15:24 PM): lol
    sethison666 (11:15:29 PM): what im not bad in his class
    sethison666 (11:15:39 PM): i kinda just mope there :/

    x Jess 72 (11:16:33 PM): I sit there and have like nervous breakdown and want to beat rape and shoot people
    x Jess 72 (11:16:41 PM): so I leave and go to guidance
    sethison666 (11:16:53 PM): beat rape and shoot huh? sounds like a party
    x Jess 72 (11:16:58 PM): chya
    sethison666 (11:17:30 PM): oh whell 1 1/2 years left
    sethison666 (11:19:52 PM): u must be getting a pretty good cash flow coming ur way
    x Jess 72 (11:20:07 PM): Ive made like 2 grand
    sethison666 (11:20:12 PM): nice
    sethison666 (11:20:24 PM): ive made 1grand
    x Jess 72 (11:20:51 PM): and I have 4 grand from the accident settlement
    sethison666 (11:21:30 PM): accident?? refresh meh memory
    x Jess 72 (11:21:36 PM): Freshman year
    sethison666 (11:21:38 PM): ohh
    sethison666 (11:21:42 PM): wow that took a while!
    sethison666 (11:21:50 PM): and only 4grand?
    sethison666 (11:22:12 PM): what did u say/ did u go for pain and suffring?
    x Jess 72 (11:22:41 PM): We just settled
    x Jess 72 (11:22:48 PM): no law suit
    sethison666 (11:23:14 PM): ahh 2 bad my dad wanted to settle now were going for a lawsuite and now were looking at 6 figures!
    x Jess 72 (11:23:21 PM): woah
    sethison666 (11:24:01 PM): chyea
    sethison666 (11:24:10 PM): and i still have to pay threw collage :I
    x Jess 72 (11:24:26 PM): I am going to work my ASS off this year
    sethison666 (11:24:46 PM): good for u:D
    sethison666 (11:24:51 PM): im not doing dittle shit
    sethison666 (11:24:55 PM): dittley*
    x Jess 72 (11:25:22 PM): I need the scholarships
    sethison666 (11:25:53 PM): i dont lol its army all the way i figure im neva guna be the cook i dreamed i would be as nice as it sounds it just isnt guna happen
    x Jess 72 (11:27:48 PM): army = death
    sethison666 (11:28:20 PM): yeah but i mean im horrable at most things so it look like hobo=booze=drugz=aid=painfulldeath
    sethison666 (11:28:27 PM): aids**
    sethison666 (11:28:45 PM): army dosent always =death
    x Jess 72 is away at 11:29:20 PM.
    x Jess 72 returned at 11:29:21 PM.
    sethison666 (11:32:35 PM): i mean the way people talk to me about my cooking it makes me think that wow i must suck ballz or something i quit!
    x Jess 72 (11:33:03 PM): Nah
    x Jess 72 (11:33:19 PM): You just suck at traditional cooking
    x Jess 72 (11:33:30 PM): once you do your own thing your fine
    x Jess 72 (11:33:46 PM): but thats normal... wouldnt you rather be you than trying to fake somethingyour not
    sethison666 (11:34:02 PM): but sometimes you need to fake it to make it....
    x Jess 72 (11:34:15 PM): I never do...
    sethison666 (11:34:58 PM): isnt that from a movie... anyways back to the topic if you order chickin with white sauce and i came with a red suce and said it was my vershion of white wouldnt u be pissed no offense
    x Jess 72 (11:35:45 PM): yeah
    x Jess 72 (11:35:55 PM): so you dont say its a white sauce
    x Jess 72 (11:36:01 PM): call it a seth sauce
    sethison666 (11:36:08 PM): lmao
    sethison666 (11:36:14 PM): thatll bring the crowds
    x Jess 72 (11:36:18 PM): You just have no idea how to manipulate situations
    x Jess 72 (11:36:23 PM): sdzhcnlxkudsnzxcv; LMAO
    sethison666 (11:36:26 PM): " Come one come all taste my delicuse seth sauce!"
    x Jess 72 (11:36:36 PM): I jsut realized what I said
    sethison666 (11:36:40 PM): "straight out of the pan and on to youre ham!"
    sethison666 (11:37:09 PM): lol sorry that was wayy to good to pass up
    x Jess 72 (11:37:41 PM): hahahahahaha
    sethison666 (11:39:30 PM): ahh you know whats nice thugh after a really long night of work u lay down with some freinds and just stare at the stares sounds a little gay but with 2 chicks laying next to me i wasnt guna open my mouth
    x Jess 72 (11:39:54 PM): Seth...
    x Jess 72 (11:40:01 PM): are you kiddingme
    sethison666 (11:40:09 PM): lmao not doing it!
    sethison666 (11:40:18 PM): sheesh we were just staring like the whole work place
    sethison666 (11:40:23 PM): perv :P
    x Jess 72 (11:40:50 PM): I dunno
    sethison666 (11:41:25 PM): lol there was like 5 girls my 3 boss's and 4 guys including me it was last saturday man was it hawt!
    sethison666 (11:41:31 PM): frekin 100somethin
    sethison666 (11:41:35 PM): in a CLOSED tent!
    sethison666 (11:41:44 PM): talk about being baked
    x Jess 72 (11:41:49 PM): sounds... stinky
    sethison666 (11:41:52 PM): it was
    sethison666 (11:41:56 PM): thank god for axe
    sethison666 (11:42:57 PM): the most catchyst tune eva!
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    x Jess 72 (11:44:19 PM): family's asleep
    sethison666 (11:44:31 PM): ahh dont click then
    x Jess 72 (11:45:16 PM): ok
    sethison666 (11:45:32 PM): third eye blind has to be the best band from the 90's
    x Jess 72 (11:46:19 PM): I like them
    sethison666 (11:46:27 PM): you know what sux i have a way to get to collage in a cheap and unfair way but i refuse to use it!
    x Jess 72 (11:46:46 PM): i see
    sethison666 (11:47:51 PM): im technicaly a "sped" due to adhd that labels me as a learning dissabillaty but i dont act like i have it and that just lets me take the place of someone more suited to the postion
    x Jess 72 (11:48:50 PM): Thats ok
    x Jess 72 (11:49:02 PM): You couldnt get into a good collage if you tried
    x Jess 72 (11:49:14 PM): you will absolutely not graduate with enough credits
    sethison666 (11:49:59 PM): oh lol i thught u ment like " cuz i aint smart" but yeah i see what you mean but still there are others out there that are using minoraties as a cheap way threw life
    sethison666 (11:52:38 PM): oh and im sorry for the ignorent and childish things ive said to you in the past
    x Jess 72 (11:53:30 PM): its all right
    x Jess 72 (11:54:01 PM): its just you try to sound mature in some topics when I know you have no idea what your talking about
    sethison666 (11:54:28 PM): yeah but thats me you know id rather contrabute then stand abidly
    sethison666 (11:54:46 PM): im trying my best to gain a grasp on this testy world
    x Jess 72 (11:55:11 PM): sometimes its better to not walk on ice
    x Jess 72 (11:55:18 PM): the thin kind
    sethison666 (11:55:38 PM): but u will never know whats across that ice
    x Jess 72 (11:55:46 PM): offending people
    sethison666 (11:56:16 PM): that may be but id rather feel ignorent then know ignorence.... i think that makes sence ack.
    x Jess 72 (11:56:25 PM): not really
    sethison666 (11:56:32 PM): dam its hard to explane
    x Jess 72 (11:56:41 PM): sounding smart and being smart are 2 different things
    x Jess 72 (11:56:49 PM): it dosent take an idiot to know big words
    sethison666 (11:57:33 PM): idk anymore then
    x Jess 72 (11:57:38 PM): Ive traveled to forign countries, had so much gain and loss in my life most people wont even experiance it... Ive been petty and I've been wrong but I'm old at heart
    sethison666 (11:58:02 PM): u may be old at heart but what about youre soul?
    x Jess 72 (11:58:12 PM): Thats what I mean
    x Jess 72 (11:58:32 PM): I feel like a giant tree in the amazon...
    sethison666 (11:58:32 PM): idk i always took soul and heart were 2 difrent things
    x Jess 72 (11:58:42 PM): They are hand and hand
    x Jess 72 (11:58:51 PM): heart dosent work if you have no soul
    x Jess 72 (11:59:06 PM): soul cant feel if you have no heart
    sethison666 (11:59:30 PM): then im missing my heart wow....
    sethison666 (11:59:44 PM): ive always kinda felt like life is just some odd dream i cant wake from
    x Jess 72 (12:00:08 AM): sounds nice and poetic
    sethison666 (12:00:15 AM): ugh dont remind me
    x Jess 72 (12:00:28 AM): but I do not believe you had sex this summer
    x Jess 72 (12:00:36 AM): sex matures you
    sethison666 (12:00:39 AM): i wasnt excpeting you to
    sethison666 (12:00:44 AM): i have matured
    x Jess 72 (12:00:45 AM): youwouldnt be telling everyone about it
    sethison666 (12:00:54 AM): u neva herd a guy brag about it?
    sethison666 (12:01:24 AM): what about "players" there always bragging
    x Jess 72 (12:01:31 AM): spilling your guts to the people on your buddy list with big words and these far out aspects on life practically corny movies writing themselves
    x Jess 72 (12:01:50 AM): You are Seth Ramos... you are 16
    sethison666 (12:01:50 AM): Corny movies ? sheesh ruthless much?
    x Jess 72 (12:01:56 AM): I am just blunt
    x Jess 72 (12:01:58 AM): you know that
    sethison666 (12:02:16 AM): but this is just online u have yet to seen or talk to me in a while
    x Jess 72 (12:02:20 AM): go to and read Atreyu lyrics
    sethison666 (12:02:20 AM): ull seen ive changed
    x Jess 72 (12:02:35 AM): from The Curse
    sethison666 (12:02:52 AM): great so im sublimnaly putting out lyrics
    x Jess 72 (12:02:58 AM): its true
    sethison666 (12:02:58 AM): but im seirus about that dream stuff
    sethison666 (12:03:11 AM): it feels sometimes like my head is just full of cotten
    x Jess 72 (12:03:17 AM): lol yeah
    x Jess 72 (12:03:22 AM): I know the feeling
    sethison666 (12:03:26 AM): it scares me alot
    x Jess 72 (12:03:43 AM): I feel like Clarissa from Clarissa Explains It All
    x Jess 72 (12:04:08 AM): or remember the scene from Finding Nemo?
    sethison666 (12:04:14 AM): neva saw nemo
    x Jess 72 (12:04:18 AM): damnit
    x Jess 72 (12:04:28 AM): well there is a fish freeway
    x Jess 72 (12:04:39 AM): and they are like zooming by and by
    x Jess 72 (12:04:59 AM): and the fish just standsthere and watches it
    x Jess 72 (12:05:05 AM): dosent dive in and go with it
    x Jess 72 (12:05:12 AM): thats how I feel
    sethison666 (12:05:19 AM): so you dont like going with the flow
    x Jess 72 (12:05:29 AM): I like going with my flow
    sethison666 (12:05:29 AM): ahh!
    sethison666 (12:05:39 AM): ahh you dont like going with others flows then
    x Jess 72 (12:05:44 AM): never
    sethison666 (12:05:50 AM): then you are a born leader
    x Jess 72 (12:06:01 AM): unless I like there flow, than I can chill with there flow for a lil while
    sethison666 (12:06:21 AM): lol watch in like 30 years u be the first women president
    x Jess 72 (12:06:37 AM): Like finding a spot in the woods that you ALWAYS go to, to think
    x Jess 72 (12:06:46 AM): and finding someone sitting and thinking there one day
    x Jess 72 (12:06:55 AM): introducing yourself and thinking with them
    x Jess 72 (12:07:05 AM): Thats a great feeling
    sethison666 (12:07:33 AM): thats what im not about im more with the whole "shit happens" kinda thing witch is wayy agaisnt youre feeling lol were almost complete oppisets then
    sethison666 (12:07:53 AM): i need spelling lessons
    x Jess 72 (12:07:53 AM): we are on like the opposite polar ice caps of earth
    x Jess 72 (12:08:04 AM): you do indeed
    sethison666 (12:08:08 AM): aye but still the world needs people like that
    x Jess 72 (12:08:14 AM): I am a natural born speller
    sethison666 (12:08:15 AM): did i just type aye??
    x Jess 72 (12:08:20 AM): I say aye
    x Jess 72 (12:08:25 AM): haha I lead you
    sethison666 (12:08:37 AM): great T-T see what I mean thugh
    x Jess 72 (12:09:06 AM): && being so wise... I can not understand how people like you can be that way
    sethison666 (12:09:26 AM): as people like me think of you
    x Jess 72 (12:09:40 AM): I feel a god forsaken force to do great things and achieve
    sethison666 (12:10:02 AM): and i feel that it is good enuff to get buy day to day with helping those i can
    x Jess 72 (12:10:09 AM): like a constant foot in the ass
    sethison666 (12:10:16 AM): i dont
    x Jess 72 (12:10:21 AM): I would never be satisfied with that
    x Jess 72 (12:10:25 AM): I always want more
    sethison666 (12:10:50 AM): dont be offended but that is a form of greed in a sense but if its what you want then go for it
    x Jess 72 (12:11:03 AM): I am greedy at times
    sethison666 (12:11:11 AM): as we all
    x Jess 72 (12:11:27 AM): but in certain scenarios
    x Jess 72 (12:12:05 AM): 100 dollar bill on the ground... joe shmo and I are racing for it... I would kill him to get to it first... but I'd split it 50/50 in the end
    x Jess 72 (12:12:32 AM): if joe got there first and offered me 50 bucks id say fuck your 50 bucks and storm off
    x Jess 72 (12:12:44 AM): id beat myself up over it for weeks
    sethison666 (12:13:09 AM): See id walk it off and let him have it if he won the race
    sethison666 (12:13:15 AM): id enjoy the race in its self
    x Jess 72 (12:13:21 AM): only if i won
    sethison666 (12:14:02 AM): sometimes its not good to win
    sethison666 (12:14:12 AM): loseing in itself can better our souls
    x Jess 72 (12:14:22 AM): not mine
    sethison666 (12:15:13 AM): like when u get mugged in a hallway buy a simple 13 year old how do you feel?
    x Jess 72 (12:15:22 AM): I wouldnt
    sethison666 (12:15:37 AM): lets just say
    x Jess 72 (12:16:02 AM): I'd beat the shit out of him with everything I had until he stopped...than Id pay for the hospital bills
    sethison666 (12:16:46 AM): see id let it go i figure if he is thirteen and down on his luck living in a crack house i can sympthise he may be lying but you will never know
    x Jess 72 (12:17:15 AM): or Id be like... WHY ARE YOU MUGGING ME?!?!
    x Jess 72 (12:17:26 AM): I'll just give you my purse idiot
    x Jess 72 (12:18:37 AM): I don't react like a normal person you know?
    sethison666 (12:19:08 AM): i just dont react my life is almost exactly like tie chie.
    x Jess 72 (12:19:21 AM): my life is kickboxing
    x Jess 72 (12:19:30 AM): on LSD
    x Jess 72 (12:19:42 AM): on x5fast foreward
    sethison666 (12:20:05 AM): "smooth to force" thats what im about
    x Jess 72 (12:20:15 AM): riiiiight
    sethison666 (12:20:37 AM): most karate goes from force to smooth
    sethison666 (12:20:46 AM): as you do with youre actions
    x Jess 72 (12:21:21 AM): Im just force hunny
    x Jess 72 (12:21:23 AM): all the way
    x Jess 72 (12:21:32 AM): I'm like a fight to the death match
    sethison666 (12:21:58 AM): ahh see im more like a spar theres no worries even if u lose u still better ure self
    sethison666 (12:22:34 AM): but youre main worry is youll keep pushing untill what? the end? then what? all that force just left out there!
    x Jess 72 (12:22:41 AM): I know
    x Jess 72 (12:22:44 AM): honestly
    sethison666 (12:22:50 AM): but my main worry is the force in its self! ill neva push :I

    x Jess 72 (12:22:54 AM): I pushed everyone away in my life
    sethison666 (12:23:09 AM): except for me im to smooth to push
    sethison666 (12:23:32 AM): oppisets have very funny ways of working
    x Jess 72 (12:23:37 AM): its true
    x Jess 72 (12:23:42 AM): they tend to talk a lot
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    Interesting conversation there... and really long too. :weird:
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    but it was like i wasnt my self when i was talking to her
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    Awww...Seth has a g....

    Ok I'm not doing that.

    Yes very long when you havent sleeped in 30 hours.
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    too long to read..
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