<div class='quotetop'></div><div class='quotemain'>In the letter (subscription required), Target President Gregg Steinhafel said that the retailer had become aware that "some movie studios have made new-release movies available to download service providers at lower cost" than DVDs, allowing the downloaded movies to be sold to the public at lower prices.</div>

This is so stupid. Now not just Walmart, but Target is also angry about this. There's one major reason that Apple is charging a lower price than the big stores charge for DVDs... Apple is selling downloads. If you buy a movie from iTunes, you don't get the case or original DVD. And don't forget the restrictive DRM (prevents sharing) and lack of bonus features! I actually think that iTunes should be selling the movie downloads for even less! Especially because of torrents. A lot of people are just going to continue to use torrents because of the prices iTunes is charging. If they want less people to use torrents, then they should drop the download prices to something much lower. Really... they all need to lower prices, even DVD prices.