1. 6th and final shuttle mission dedicated to the HST
  2. May 2008
  3. $900 million
  4. The HST's should be able to last to about 2013
  5. Small impact on Project Orion
  6. "Hubble’s life can be extended to about 2013 without posing undo danger to the lives of the shuttle astronauts"
  7. The James Webb Space Telescope will be launched in 2013 to semi-replace the HST.

(Orion is the replacement ship for the space shuttle)
What will be done?
  1. Wide Field Camera-3 to be added
  2. Batteries replaced
  3. thermal insulation replacement
  4. replacement of a broken guidance sensor
  5. "Refurbishment of the Hubble’s vital attitude controlling gyroscopes used to orient the space telescope. Only two of the six are in operation. Two are held as spares while two others are broken."
  6. Cosmic Origins Spectrograph will be added
  7. Repair of Space Telescope Imaging Spectrograph
  8. The HST's orbit will be boosted.