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    Post your New Year's resolutions in this topic. And/or past resolutions you kept or didn't keep.

    Here are mine...

    1. To not start watching a new TV show regularly (unless it's anime)
    2. To avoid arguing and fighting with my brother over stupid things (especially at night. If only he'd make the same resolution though)
    3. To get a job (Didn't keep this one last year :( )

    One year, I made a resolution or lenten promise (don't remember which) to drink less soda/pop. I used to drink 2-5 cans a day... but it worked, and now I only drink 1 can on most days... and a ton of water.
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    1. Actually get my room cleaned up, as every time I get it clean, I make it a mess again
    2. Lose weight and get a decent diet
    3. Learn to control my temper; be more patient and not get angry over simple things
    4. Get stuff done around the house and maybe get a job
    5. Get my learner's permit
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    1.keep loving cell (i threw in this one for fun xD it'll be easy to keep)
    2.get that stupid B off my report card. thus far in school i've had all A's and one B. I want that B turned into an A >_>

    um, yeah, thats about it
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    1:Get GoTechGeeks released
    2:Stop making so many damn websites!
    3:Spend more time with Kacie at home rather than all at the offices
    4:Drink less alcohol
    5:Organize time between Work/Video Games/Kacie/and online time
    6:Get GoTechGeeks into peoples minds
    7:Stop using foul language so often
    8:Organize house
    9:Eat better and start drinking more Green Tea in the afternoons
    10:Be calmer..or meditate.
    11:Get an eleventh resolution.
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