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    A gentle knocking came upon the door of the large chamber, but no one made a
    move to answer the door. A few books toppled to the floor after being
    precariously stacked about the room, and dust rose to choke the air in their
    wake. The knocking pursued a few more times, before the door swung open
    rather quickly and a boisterous voice followed it.

    "You're supposed to answer the door when someone knocks, Tenpou!" A young
    woman with curly, dirty blonde locks calls into the room as she steps inside
    quickly. Still recieving no answer even after trying to contact the field
    marshall verbally, a light frown marrs her lips as she folds her arms.
    There were no mountains of books for him to be sleeping under today. It
    seemed he'd actually done a good job cleaning up after himself for once.
    Either that or he'd forced Konzen to do it again. "Tenpy~"

    Still no answer. She huffed lightly before storming out of the room,
    pulling the door shut behind her. It was rare for the green eyed army
    advisor to ever leave his library, and she found she was stuck for ideas on
    where he could possibly be. Bringing a hand up to rub the dark chakra on
    her forehead, she heaved another sigh. You would think that up in the
    Heavens things would be relatively simple, but the Gods seemed to make it
    all the more challenging. Where else could he possibly be besides his room?
    It wasn't like she hadn't stalked him in the past, but he'd never gone
    anywhere but his library!

    "Maybe a whale fell on him or something," Steph mused, gasping lightly at
    the thought of the pretty man being squished to death by some giant
    water-dwelling mammal. As she walked down the narrow street past other gods
    and goddesses following a daily routine. A few soldiers walked by talking
    in loud voices about how Prince Nataku was supposed to be going to war again
    soon. Though she'd never met Nataku she had to feel a bit sorry for the
    young kid. She just felt the need to bitch slap his father, Li Touten,
    right in front of the Jade Emperor.

    "The Field Marshall? I haven't seen him since yesterday. If he's not in
    his study he's probably off talking with General Kenren..." A soldier
    replied to Steph's question with an unsure finish, scratching the back of
    his head. Stephanie nodded her head as she sped off to find the black
    haired general specified.

    When she arrived at the training grounds, she spotted a familiar blonde who
    looked horribly frustrated as she had her gaze fixed upwards to a large,
    blossoming sakura tree. She knew that blonde! The ditzy one...what was her
    name again?

    "Ciara!" Steph called to the other girl, who promptly turned around with a
    surprised look on her face. She seemed to forget whatever had just been
    bothering her as she waved rapidly with a dumb look on her face. Steph ran
    over, glancing around to see what was the deal with her. "What were you
    looking at?"

    "The chick just gets flustered too easily. It's not her fault that I'm
    simply irresistable to look at," she familiar, teasing voice of Kenren
    floated down to the both of them from up on one of the branches of the
    cherry blossom tree. Ciara looked up again and her face grew angry once

    "Shut up you di-"

    "Have you seen Tenpy, Ken?" Steph called up, and Kenren easily ignored the
    flustered Ciara and cast his crimson gaze to Steph. He arched a brow,
    reclining against the branch of the tree before taking a swig of his sake.

    "Tenpy?" He asked with an amused lilt, chuckling as he ran a gloved hand
    through his choppy jet black locks. "Haven't seen him today, believe it or
    not. If you feel daring enough you could probably go see if he's with The
    Merciful Goddess' pet nephew. "

    "Konzen Douji?" Ciara asked incredulously, turning to Steph and grinning
    lightly with a nervous laugh. "Good luck with that. I'd deal with Kenren
    over Konzen anyday."

    "You know you want me," Kenren grinned.

    "Don't make me come up there!" Ciara barked harshly, flailing her arms in
    her overdramatic fashion. She really was pathetic looking. Steph
    sweatdropped a bit before turning around and walking away. This was one
    fight she didn't want to stick around to watch.

    "I'll just leave you two alone for some privacy," Steph laughed evilly,
    recieving a rather indignant 'Hey!' from Ciara as well as loud laughter from
    the ever boisterous Kenren.

    "He's not at his library and he's not with Kenren so where the hell could he
    be?" Steph complained loudly as she made her way through the palace to the
    irate blonde man's chamber. Upon entering through the threshold she spotted
    another familiar figure who was fawning over the man.

    Konzen didn't look too pleased as his long ponytail was partially braided
    and a wreath of flowers that Goku had made rested on his head. His chin was
    resting atop a curled fist as his droopy violet eyes gave Steph a death

    "Steph!" Gabi called as she continued to braid Konzen's hair with an overly
    content smile on her face. She was definately enjoying herself more than
    Konzen was.

    "What do you want?" Konzen shot with an exasperated tone to the girl
    standing in his doorway. He wasn't in the mood for any more visitors today.

    "Have you seen Tenpou?" She got straight to the point this time. Gabi
    looked thoughtful while Konzen looked reproachful.

    "He was just in here a few minutes ago. He's back in his library. Now get
    out," he sighed as Gabi's fingers continued to weave his hair. Gabi
    practically squealed at Konzen's expression. Of course she would find the
    look attractive.

    "You guys should just have sex and get it over with!" Steph blurted, before
    fleeing rapidly when a vase was chucked at the door followed by a "Get the
    hell out!".

    Steph giggled almost insanely to herself, feeling complete after having
    bothered both Gabi and Ciara and figuring out where Tenpou had gotten to.
    She was going around in circles and it was beginning to piss her off a bit.
    So it was that she retreated back to the library, opening the doors quickly
    and peering inside. And there the brown haired man sat, huddled in one
    corner with his nose stuck in a book.

    "Tenpou!" Steph exclaimed, causing the man to jump and have a large pile of
    books land on his head. "Oops."

    Tenpou laughed lightly as he dusted himself off and got to his feet,
    adjusting his glasses and leaving the books where they had fallen. His room
    was a mess again already. How the hell did he manage it?

    "Hello!" He greeted in his normal optimmistic manner, waving his hand as he
    kicked gently at the books behind him. Steph arched a brow, curiously
    wondering what was up with that. Tenpou never mistreated his books outside
    of misplacing them, so she wandered over and lifted the book from the floor
    before Tenpou could snatch it away. Steph's eyes went wide before she
    started cracking up.

    "You have porn in here?!" She questioned incredulously. Tenpou turned a
    deep shade of red, before nodding slowly. He wandered over to the door and
    shut it promptly, bringing a finger up to touch his lips as if telling Steph
    to be quiet.

    And that's when it started. Poor sexually frustrated Tenpou had been
    confronted about said problem, and the clothes came off very quickly without much talk.

    (stuff i am not allowed to post.)

    "I think I feel better now."

    Steph laughed breathlessly at the odd thing to say after sex. He kissed her
    lovingly before lying onto his back, gathering her
    into his arms. She rested her head on his chest and listened to the beat of
    is heart. She sighed happily as she kissed his cheek and smiled at him. He
    ran his fingers through her hair and smiled back as they both just laid in
    silence, eventually succumbing to sleep in the middle of the library.

    "Tenpy! Tenpy, Konzen says Stephanie is looking for - Oh my God are they
    dead?!" Goku's voice was overheard as he stormed the library. Konzen
    followed in tow, before his eyes widened and he quickly grabbed Goku and
    rushed from the room, slamming the door behind him. "Perverts. The lot of

    The slam of the door caused a large pile of books to collapse over their
    sleeping forms, followed by Steph's voice.

    "Damn your books, Tenpy!"
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    Pretty funny! Especially the whale comment.

    <div class='quotetop'></div><div class='quotemain'>(stuff i am not allowed to post.)</div>
    Thank you!
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