Well I did not have the time to post my commentary on what the future of the web will be, sorry, but to sum it up, services like Jaiku and Twitter are going to be the next Myspace, and that with Trillian Astra coming up, it will lead further into Web based Instant Messaging. AOL will probably fade into oblivion and all of it's services except for AIM and sadly Security Center will be gone. Firefox 3.0-4.0 are going to get half and to 75% of the webs users and 5.0 will be in partnership with Opera, meaning IE will basically be depleted. iPhone will be a smash hit, even if Dvorak says differently. Joost will get more stations on it and will be a very strong competitor of YouTube.There you have it, what I think will happen this year and the early part of 2008. It isn't as neatly written as I would have liked it to be but hey, who even reads my blog anywho?
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