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    Embedding youtube videos is actually a lot easier than embedding flash games. For youtube videos, all you need to do is look at the video's information(located to the right of the video), under tags you'll see fields labeled " URL " and " Embed ". Here's a picture for reference.

    Left click in the " Embed " field; right click, copy the text that's there. Then, simply paste it into your message, and when you post it, the video will be there ^^. However, this doesn't work outside of Ourtube section. Keep that in mind. And for those of you who couldn't resist running to listen to Holy Diver after you saw it in that screenshot, here :P

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    That method works again, but here's the new method of posting a flash video.

    <div class='codetop'></div><div class='codemain'>[flash=425,350][/flash]</div>

    More info about posting youtube videos. This is for links that contain watch?v=
    * Copy the entire youtube link
    * Click on Insert Flash button
    * Change =200,200 to =425,350 or whatever you want (for video size)
    * Paste the entire link between the flash brackets
    * Change watch?v= in the link to /v/
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