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    5 Things you couldnt live without?

    1.) My Girlfriend, I love her so much, I would be lost without her, She mean everything to me and I trust her more than anyone else in my life. we have been through so much together, good things and bad things but I never wanna forget any of it as It reminds me of her :)

    2.) Friends, I dont have many, But I have a few loyal friends who I can trust and love and know they will be there for me and Ill be there for them, I woudlnt want to loose any of my best friends.

    3.) Music, Its in my life and It always will be, Its art, its performance and its enjoyable. I listen to it everyday, I play it everyday. Its a great thing that everyone should appreciate.

    4.) Food and Drink, This is obvious, but, I like my food, and my drink, and If Chinese, Sushi and Pizza where banned for some silly reason.. I would cry, I have to eat :D

    5.) Learning, Everyone hates it, I know... but, i learn new things everyday, some boring things some interesting and some fun things. And without learning, life would drop to a boring kinda level.
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    My Wife: Shes nice, she is sometimes understanding, loving, and well she completes me. She also makes be a better person since if I'm out by myself I am angry, but she straightens me out.

    Computers: I couldn't live without computers because for one my work is focused on them, and secondly they increase my productivity ten-fold.

    Get togethers: I couldn't live without the monthly get togethers with my friends since we basically just sit down, order pizza and recline to watch TV and or hold a lan party or make a powerful machine.

    Nature: My mornings would be horrible if I could not just go outside at sunrise and just observe natures majesty.

    Air: This one is pretty obvious but I couldn't do without air because I could die in three minutes and because 1/4 of my left lung was cut out when I had ammonia at the age of 6.
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    <span style="color:DarkOrchid">My family. Such an awesome bunch of people, and whether it's my sisters, my mom, or my brother, even though he's usually far away...There's really nothing I can't relate to them about.

    (Good) Music, I love it. Not much to say beyond that, without hearing it sometimes I'd probably go insane.

    Tacos. My most favorite type of food in the world, if it wasn't for the bell I'd never eat out. :P

    Games, whether they're the lastest or just past favorites. Nothing passes the time like sitting down with a good game, days would seem like they lasted eternity without them. friends. I don't have a whole lot, but the few good ones I have are awesome. I could be having the shittiest day ever and one night of hanging out with a buddy or two will really brighten things up.

    I'd put a computer with the internet in there, because that's definitely a nice chunk of my interests, but those things above definitely take priority. Yes, even the tacos. =]</span>
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